Why Does Maelys Burn So Bad? (Answered)

Maelys Cosmetics is one of the USA’s fastest-growing Direct-To-Customer (DTC) beauty brands. Despite its crazy popularity, this brand faces backlash due to the products leaving a burning sensation post-application. If you’ve used their products in the past, you know what I’m talking about. But the point here is, do we even have a resort to it or not? Before we get into that, let’s address this question first. Why Does Maelys Burn So Bad?

Why Does Maelys Burn So Bad

The review section of its official site floods with positive reactions to all its products; however, we realize how serious the burning problem is after compiling reviews from other sites. So let’s get to the root of the problem. 

Why Does Maelys Burn So Bad? | The Main Reason Behind It

Though Maelys’ products are free of parabens, SLS, and Phthalates, some skin still finds them irritating. A few of its products are very famous among its users. The only complaint is these products leave a burning sensation after their application. The products are not fragrance-free, but this isn’t the main reason behind the burn. To understand this better, let us briefly overview the Maelys products that flare up our skin.  

B-Tight is one of the most asked-for Maelys’ products. It targets your bumpy and uneven surfaced bum inflicted by cellulite. The texture of the cream is smooth, and the consistency is firm. It reduces the signs of uneven fat distribution all over the hips.

b-thicc and b-tight

B-Flex is an arm cream meant to lift and firm the loose muscular flaps dangling from your arms. You can anticipate the results to give you tighter-looking arms.

B-Flat lessens the stretch marks on your belly and makes it more even-toned for a flattering look than before. This belly-firming cream is clinically proven to fade the look of zigzag lines and give a smoother-looking belly.


 All these products leave a burning sensation post-application because of the Pink PepperSlim ingredient. But what is Pink PepperSlim? It is a concentrated oil from pink berries that acts as a slimming agent. Well-known for its pre-lipolytic action, this ingredient also stimulates micro-circulation. 

In layman’s terms, lipolytic action is the process of lipids (fats) breaking down into smaller molecules which is a critical process in fat reduction. Pink PepperSlim has two-fold lipolytic action to burn the fat in the skin and carries out metabolism easily. You may know about this action in detail here

How Severe Is The Burn?

The severity of the burn varies from person to person. You will feel a warming sensation that may be intolerable to some skin. For some people, the burn lasted for 2 hours. While for others, it stayed for even longer than that. 

b-flat reviews

From the feeling of mild warming or tingling to the sensation of intense burn, individual reactions to this active ingredient may differ. Especially if you are someone with sensitive skin and prone to allergies, the effect may be severe. 

A patch test is always recommended to avoid severe side effects (yes, even Maelys sponsors this idea). But if you want to continue the product even after facing a mild burn, you have some options to reduce or soothe the burning sensation. 

The Solution

I may repeat it, but discontinue using any product if you’ve sensitive skin or the reaction is intense. If you cannot wait for the burn to subside in 2-4 hours, try out these things to calm your skin down.

  • Apply Aloe Vera Gel on your skin to soothe the irritation. It not only reduces inflammation but also promotes circulation. Pure aloe vera gel secured directly by an aloe vera plant is the best.
  • Petroleum Jelly eases the sense of stinging in the skin. In most cases applying a thin layer of petroleum jelly may heal the burning sensation. Generally, Vaseline is safe to use, but if your skin develops a reaction, stop using it.
  • The last method that I’d suggest is the cold compress. Press a bag of ice onto your burn, instantly making you feel better. You feel like someone rescued you from a pot of fire and laid a chilled bed beneath your skin.

Many customers tried washing off the cream to lower the burning sensation but got no relief. So washing it out with soap and water may not be helpful. If the reaction persists after following the above, seeking medical help is your last hope.   

FAQs | Why Does Maelys Burn So Bad?

These are the most common FAQs that people usually have.

Why does Maelys burn so bad?

It burns so severely due to Pink PepperSlim. This ingredient actively reduces the protection of fat reserves in your skin to avail it more to the lipases (enzymes that break down triglycerides and take part in fat digestion and metabolism). As this ingredient carries out its work, you feel the burning sensation.

pink pepperslim

Is it normal for B-Tight to burn?

Yes, it is normal for B-Tight to leave a warming sensation on the skin due to one of its ingredients – Pink PepperSlim. But it is not normal if the burn is severe or lasts long hours. Such effects may indicate a sign of reaction in your skin. 

Why does B-Flat get hot?

It leaves a burning sensation on the skin, making it feel hot after applying it. But this is normal as Pink PepperSlim works this way on the skin to tighten and tone it eventually.

b-flat reviews

How long does Maelys burn?

Some of the products, as mentioned above, may leave a burning sensation post its application that may last for as long as 2-4 hours, depending upon the type of an individual’s skin. Generally, the feeling fades away within this time, but if it persists, then discontinue using it.

Closure | Why Does Maelys Burn So Bad?

So now you know the reason behind the burn that Maelys’ products leave. Their products are effective on many skins, so people love them. But they are not made for all of us. The key is seeing how your skin feels and reacts to their products. Let your body guide your safety instincts. And you are done for the day. Have a safe shopping trip!

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  1. Just tried tonight and the burning sensation was tolerable bit later for approx 30 min. Not warm to eve touch- just internal sensation.


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