Why Does My Makeup Come Off Even With Setting Spray?

Be it a relationship or makeup, we all want them to be long-lasting and smooth. But are you tired of using all the right kinds of makeup products, but your makeup still won’t stay on your face? A hundred others are facing the same issue as you are regularly. This might be more shocking because you are going through this trauma after applying your setting spray. So what is the key to having the most flawless canvas? In this guide of Why Does My Makeup Come Off Even With Setting Spray, we have discussed several dos and don’ts that you must follow to take your beauty game up a notch. 

Why Does My Makeup Come Off Even With Setting Spray

Why Does My Makeup Come Off Even With Setting Spray?

There can be several reasons why your makeup does not stay on your skin for the time you want it to. Let us look at how to right all the wrongs you are doing here so that you can enjoy your seamless makeup for the most time. 

Bad skincare 

When your base is not ready for all the makeup, you dump it, and then you might reconsider everything you do. Not doing your skincare correctly can make your makeup come off even quicker. Unsurprisingly, healthy skin starts with a healthy skincare routine, including all the holy grails like cleansers, serums, toners, moisturizers, and sunscreen. So make sure you do it all, and do it right. This ensures that your skin gets enough hydration to survive and look radiant and youthful. This way, your makeup will last longer. 

Skipping out on oil-free moisturizer 

Just think about what would happen if you slathered a lot of oil on your face and then applied makeup. That thinking is too far-fetched because no matter how hard you try, your makeup won’t even sit on your skin.

That is why it is essential to know how to build the durability of your makeup. When shopping, pick out an oil-free moisturizer that won’t send your makeup down the drain. Give it 10 to 15 minutes before you layer your foundation so the moisturizer has settled in and become comfortable on your skin. 

how to find the perfect foundation

Not using a long-lasting foundation

What you need to do first is, make sure you steer clear of the traps of foundations that do not promise you long-lasting benefits. That is because, even if you are using a setting spray to lock your makeup in its place, it will help keep a lot of troubles away, like flaking or cakiness.  This also ensures there is no white cast left behind.

A good formula of a good foundation will settle better on your skin, as it gets absorbed effortlessly compared to a procedure that does not sync properly. Make sure the shade you choose matches your complexion very cohesively, or it might get darker or shadowy after some hours.

Powders before creams

Like everything else, there is a thumb rule in makeup too. You always apply your cream products before your powders. And this firmly holds because the incorrect application can lead to separation. Applying your setting powder lastly on your T zone neutralizes all the oiliness. This prevents your makeup from looking dry and dull. 

Incorrect application

Mistakes happen everywhere. And the whole department of makeup is no exception in this field. For example, if you dump all your foundation, concealer, primer, and fixer all at once, everything will come off in bits and pieces after some time. What is most important is not what you apply to your skin but how you apply it.

It all depends upon the nature of your makeup. For example, some foundations are easily blendable on your skin if you are just using your fingers. On the other hand, you might need to depend upon a good blending sponge to apply your foundation uniformly. Don’t wipe it or rub the formula on your skin, as it will make it uneven and cakey. Apply it in a stippling motion, and you will see how it makes all the difference. 

Using too much 

We eventually become greedy and apply much more than our skin can handle food or makeup. This is one of the worst ways people mainly bleed their makeup out. The critical point is to always start at a minimal range. The most common case is of foundations. The extra foundation does not mean different and better coverage. It will layer up your base and start to melt off after sometime. Because if it does not suit your needs, you can always add on later. But removing the makeup and applying it all over again for that seamless look becomes very stressful once you have added it. So, save your foundations because, in miniature, there is more! 

using the right makeup

Expiry date 

Your makeup or foundation bleeds because you are doing many things wrong, and one of them might be using products that have already crossed their expiration date. So that you don’t get bothered by this too much, what you can do to counter effect is, take precautions and be on strict watch that you are only using products that will refresh your canvas. Usually, all makeup products have a shelf life of 2 years because if you use it after that, it will become less effective. 


There is no alternative to makeup, which is why it needs to be perfect and look like your second skin. But in our daily lives, we have forgotten the art of patience, so we hurry through the process of amping up our appearance. And this backfires, which results in bleeding of our makeup, especially after all the hours we have put into it in front of the mirror.

So you should know where you usually go wrong, and this edit on Why Does My Makeup Come Off Even With Setting Spray will tell you a great deal about what to do and what not to do. So make sure you take the essence of the key takeaways, as people often check out your Instagram pictures! 

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