Divi Hair Serum Reviews | Promising Hair Or Gimmick?

If hair loss is the top reason for your stress, anxiety, sleepless nights, and breakup (haha), then I am with you. After bleaching my hair from black to blond to dye whatever was left, I realized that is the best way to torture your hair out of its life. So how do you undo this mistake? Is it possible? While rummaging across many influential haircare sites, I bumped into a name many times.  

Divi Hair Serum Reviews

Later while fishing, I found that this serum might be just the food your hair has been starving off for so long! According to a few Divi Hair Serum Reviews, this ethereal blend aims to improve your hair growth by pumping in sufficient nutrients that are required in this play. But is that all there is to know about it? Keep calm and find out! 

Divi Hair Serum Reviews | Shapes Your Hair Back To Its Health?

Who would want to suffer the wrath of those painful needle treatments that pierce your skin and frighten you many minutes later and after? Especially when you can find your way. That is why the Divi Hair Serum Reviews have been attracting a lot of attention on itself lately. 

Thanks to the combined goodness of the natural botanical extracts infused in the composition, the formula is so lightweight that you won’t even know it is there while sleeping! If you like your products living up to clean standards, then you will be happy to know that this serum is free of any toxic involvement, which is why the brand does not put any kind of sulfates, parabens, and PEGs in it. 

divi Hair Scalp Serum for Women and Men - Revitalize and Balance Your Scalp - Improves Appearance of Thinning Hair, Nourishes the Scalp and Helps Remove Product and Oil Buildup, 30ml
  • IMPROVES THE APPEARANCE OF THINNING HAIR: Divi’s hair serum is formulated to create a healthy scalp environment for your hair's natural growth cycle. Peppermint Oil and Menthol can help to deliver essential nutrients to the hair & scalp
  • NOURISHES THE SCALP: Our hair serum is made with a blend of ingredients that keep your scalp happy & hydrated. Tea Tree Oil helps soothe the scalp and remove product build up while amino acids help to strengthen hair, fight frizz & prevent breakage.
  • MADE WITH CLEAN INGREDIENTS: Divi scalp serum contains thoughtfully selected clean ingredients like Copper Tripeptide-1, Caffeine, Tea Tree Oil, Amino Acids, and Hyaluronic Acid that work together to support a healthy scalp environment for your hair!
  • HOW TO USE: Apply once daily & shake well before use. Apply 1 ml directly to dry or towel-dried scalp, where results are desired. Massage into your scalp. Note: a slight tingling sensation may occur - this is just the serum working its magic.
  • CAREFULLY FORMULATED: Our scalp serum is made with clean, vegan ingredients without parabens or sulfates and is carefully formulated without gluten, synthetic fragrance or harsh chemicals. Made in the U.S.A. with globally sourced ingredients.

The product’s efficacy reveals that it performs multiple functions for you, like offering protection against hair thinning, nourishing every nook and corner of the scalp, and helping eliminate every last bit of buildup, which we often ignore. The users are very much impressed with all the ingredients put into this serum, as each serves a crucial purpose for returning your hair to its dream lengths and fluffiness. 

How to use Divi Hair Serum?

  • Give the bottle a good shake before using it.
  • Apply 1 ml or 3/4th dropper of the serum directly onto the scalp. Make sure you cover the area uniformly, focusing more on affected areas.
  • The hair needs to be dry or trowel-dried during this time. 
  • Massage gently and allow the formula to soak in. 
  • Users might experience a slight tingling sensation, but no need to worry. This only means that the ingredients are working their magic on your hair. 

Follow this routine once daily. You can apply the serum in the morning or night; it is up to you!

How to use Divi Hair Serum?


  • Designed with clean and science-backed ingredients 
  • Detoxifies your scalp of all the impurities like dust, dirt, clogged grime
  • Cleans your hair follicles and charges them up
  • Tested and approved by the dermatologists 
  • It offers a soothing sensation to the scalp 
  • It prevents hair from breaking 
  • Infuses strands with anti-inflammatory properties that energize the scalp 
  • Gives thicker-looking hair
  • Adds life to the hair growth phase
  • Delivers a dandruff-free scalp 
  • Strengthens locks from their roots 
  • Features a vegan comspotion 
  • The serum is cruelty-free
  • Free of harmful chemicals like sulfates, parabens, and PEGs
  • Eliminates any kind of frizziness present 


  • The product is too expensive, and one bottle gets over very soon.
  • It might take longer to show noticeable results. 

Divi Hair Serum Ingredients

To make your beauty routine magical, you only need to focus on putting ingredients on top of the cosmetic industry. The Divi Hair Serum, too, has been socially crafted under many dermatologists who have chosen exotic elements for your hair that will speed up the growth of your tresses in no time! Let us take a look at them. 

Copper Tripeptide – 1

According to Healthline, this ingredient denotes naturally occurring amino acids in our skin, enhances collagen production, and improves elastin levels. These two aspects are crucial to be in the right amount because they help get you smoother and firm skin. These peptides extend the hair growth phase and infuse your regular strands with thickness to give them a fuller-looking appearance. 


Your kitchen mug is one of many things caffeine will go into now. According to beauty scoop, caffeine is crucial in stimulating hair growth and stopping hair loss. A clinical study done in 2007 revealed that caffeine may act as a barrier and block the adverse effects of DHT that happen with age in male hair follicles. It also contributes to making the hair shaft longer, widening hair roots, and giving you longer hair. Female hair follicles are also known to be amplified a lot with this ingredient found in the Divi Hair Serum. 

Divi Hair Serum Ingredients

Tea tree oil 

We all deal with itchiness occasionally, so that this centuries-old potent oil will save you a lot of trouble! Loaded with antimicrobial, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties, tea tree oil treats dandruff directly to its source and eliminates it. It also relieves your scalp from future inflammation and prevents the loss of hair. This essential oil is very active in getting rid of unwanted buildup. 

Amino acids 

The primary function of amino acids is to strengthen your hair from its roots, which will minimize frequent breaking due to brittleness or any other reason. It also fights frizziness so that you dont have embarrassing flyaways in public. 

Apart from these hero ingredients that have been specially handpicked, Water, Glycerin, Arginine, Hyaluronic Acid, Biotin, Peppermint Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Menthol, Rosemary Leaf Extract, and Green Tea Leaf Extract are some of the other ingredients that have been blended in the formula of the serum. 

Who Should Use The  Divi Hair Serum?

  • Users dealing with thinning of hair
  • Those who want to control their hair loss
  • People who dont want to go under the needle or take painful injections for improving hair growth 
  • Users who dont want frizz in their hair 
  • People suffering from an unhealthy scalp 
  • Those who want to achieve thicker and fuller-looking hair 
  • People want a serum to extend their hair’s growth phase 
  • Users who wish to make their hair roots stronger 
  • All those people who want to follow a natural approach to hair growth 
  • Users who want to thicken their hair strands and increase their density 

Customer Feedback | Divi Hair Serum Reviews

Never underestimate the power of the internet. But if it can make you meet with your dream product, it can also lead to your worst nightmare if you are careless. So how do you ensure you are not bringing something terrible for your hair health? I took the liberty to gather some statements where real-time users are talking about the Divi Hair Serum. Would you like to hear what they have to say? 

Alina commented, “Had a good experience with this serum. My sister and I use it every night without fail. I can see her hair showing positive changes and eagerly waiting for mine to be visible.” 

Divi Hair Serum before and after

Stacy pinned, “I am not a big fan of hair serums as they always leave behind buildup on my scalp, which is even more irritating and causes more hair fall. So whatever I have purchased in the past has only cost me a lot of money without giving any actual results. This was the same. I used this product on my hair for four months regularly, but nothing happened. Make sure to research properly before you buy something like this.”

Lauren expressed, “Never have I ever found a formula that is so lightweight on my scalp and makes it feel breathable. When my sister-in-law told me about this, I thought she was probably bluffing. But in some months, her hair quality improved a lot, and then I got convinced to use this serum too. It has only been two months, and my scalp always feels extremely clean and healthy. My dandruff has reduced a lot, and my braids dont look lifeless. I dont know what I would have done if it weren’t for the serum. I wish I had found this sooner, four years back.”

Rysa said, “I dont understand why there are so many reviews online that are actually praising the product. Does anyone not see how expensive it is in your wallet? I dont know about others, but I am not willing to spend so much on so less every month. Sometimes it does not even last a full month.”

Divi Hair Serum customer reviews

Barbara mentioned, “Grateful to whoever gave me this idea because I finally feel I am close to getting my hero hair back. I love trying new hair growth serums, but it also sometimes has side effects. So I have to be extremely careful while picking out these formulations. This one worked like a charm on my hair. What I love the most is that my hair feels thicker and looks fuller than earlier. Previously my hair looked like a broomstick, but now there are layers of volume that give my face more definition. I love everything about it. Everyone should give this a run for their money.”

FAQs | Divi Hair Serum

How long does Divi serum take to work?

If you are diligent with your usage and follow all application instructions carefully, you can expect noticeable results after 3 months. However, this may vary a bit from individual to individual because everyone has a different skin type. So if something works for you in just days, it may take weeks to show results for the other.

Does Divi help your hair grow longer?

Hyaluronic acid is a crucial part of the Divi serum, but it cant help grow your hair long overnight. On the other hand, using the serum daily can give your hair a good environment that encourages growth in a good space and gives you thicker density in three months. 

What are the benefits of Divi hair?

The serum is a sensational blend of ingredients that all work hard to regain and restore your hair health, which includes making them voluminous, reducing the breaking of hair, improving hair thickness, adding length, supporting overall scalp health, and removing follicle buildup. 

Does Divi help your hair grow longer?

Can I leave the hair serum overnight?

It usually depends on the type f hair serum you use. Most hair serums allow you to leave the formula on your scalp overnight. These ingredients are weightless and have fast-absorbing properties that will enable them to be on your head without causing any irritation or buildup. You can easily forget everything and wash the formula out the next day without hassle. These serums can be applied daily and do not leave any residue that will clog your scalp pores.

What are the Divi Hair Serum Ingredients? 

The Divi Hair Serum features many ingredients, including the most important ones: Copper Tripeptide – 1, caffeine, tea tree oil, and amino acids. The serum is also home to many secondary ingredients that help balance the mixture for your hair and act as amplifiers to bring those results faster. These are arginine, hyaluronic acid, eucalyptus oil, menthol, glycerin, etc. 

Where to buy Divi Hair Serum?

Thanks to consumer demand, the product is available in plenty. You can find the serum from Amazon, Ulta Beauty, Walmart, and a couple more sites. You also have the option of visiting the brand’s official website and making your purchase from there. Doing so will give you extra information about the product you may not find elsewhere. The serum is quite popular among haircare lovers, so hop a bottle into your beauty basket! 


Not everyone will agree with your choice, but you will know better about your hair and its needs; that is why I have laid down this descriptive experience of the Divi Hair Serum Reviews for you to make a good choice. Most of the reviews online sway towards the positive side of the serum, where hundreds of users commented that they saw an increase in hair density after 3 months. 

Others were delighted as the serum helped cut down frizziness, and signs of brittleness from their locks, which tamed their unruly tresses. However, action users were unhappy with the serum as it costs a lot and might not cater to everyone’s wallet. Also, a few users revealed they saw the results as highly later than the said period. 

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