Severely Matted Hair Nothing Is Working | 6 Easy Steps To Follow

Are you also done with the stubborn knotty hair mane? While people may point out that your hair looks no less than a coarse rug, kudos to your adamant will to get rid of it. Since it’s been sometime since your hair breathed fresh air, it really needs your help. You can either wail about your severely matted hair nothing is working to everyone or work towards fixing it. Your matted hair may be bridled and bull-headed, but the steps to detangle it aren’t. So, without further ado, let’s discuss it.  

Severely Matted Hair Nothing Is Working

If you want to know how to get rid of matted hair clumps, get through this effortless yet effective method that works wonders even on the worst matted hair ever.

Severely Matted Hair Nothing Is Working | How To Untangle Correctly?

Before we begin, let me ask you this question. Are you someone struggling to keep up with daily hair hygiene practice? Sometimes, we may feel unmotivated or low on energy even to perform a daily hair grooming regimen due to depression and related stress or anxiety.

If depression-matted hair concerns you, it would be best to consult your doctor. It may take some time, but it is entirely doable. Ultimately, it all boils down to following a six-step method I share here for all hair types (Afro, Asian, or Caucasian).

The best products for severely matted hair comprise essential hair care items. Keep these products handy before beginning your detangling session. 

  • Mist Water Bottle
  • Detangler Spray, Leave-In Conditioner, or Coconut Oil
  • Rat tail wide-tooth Comb
  • Scissors
  • Hydrating Shampoo

Step 1: Dampen your hair.

The first step involves saturating your hair well. Unbraid, lightly spread, and wet your hair by spraying with the mist bottle. You can even run your matted hair under running water. Hair professionals do this step often when dealing with complex matt balls. You may not want water dripping from your hair ends, so spray the right amount.

damp hair

Step 2: Lubricate

A lot of people use WD-40 to treat severely matted hair. Though it is a good lubricant, avoid using any home hardware item on your hair when you can get the same results using loads of conditioners. Lubricating the hair with detangler spray, leave-in conditioner, or coconut oil removes stiffness between twisted shafts and eases the process of unknotting.

lubricating matted hair

After using any one of these products, leave it for about 10-15 minutes on your hair. Other home remedies for matted hair lubricant include mayonnaise, but you can avert it for its unpleasant smell.

Step 3: Divide and Unknot

Part your unaffected hair to one side. Start by gently dividing shafts into smaller sections. Detangle the knots that look less matted comparably. Sometimes, our fingers come to our rescue, so take advantage. Slightly press your scalp and zig-zag your fingers gently through the unknotted areas. 

removing knots

Step 4: Comb

Separate the less matted hair from severely matted hair with a rat tail comb. Coming to the matted part, hold the hair tightly from above as you begin combing from the end to the top (scalp). It averts painful stretches.

combing hair

Use clips to pin the hanging hair. As you loosen a strand from the matted part, run your wide-toothed Comb over it. This step takes the most time, depending on the hair length and texture. Lubricate the strands here, too, when needed. 

Step 5: Trim The Damaged Hair Mats

When you see a narrow hair strand holding on to a giant matte ball, it is time to cut the end of the strand that meets the ball. Also, if there are small stubborn hair mats that may take extra hours to detangle with the possibility of breakage, trim that portion.

trimming hair

Step 6: Wash and Blow Dry

Finally, run the Comb on your drenched hair for the last time before rinsing your hair with gentle, hydrating shampoo. Apply the leave-in conditioner and blow-dry your hair. Seek professional help if it feels challenging. Detangle and Comb (from end to top) your hair daily to avoid severely matted hair from prompting again.

hair wash

Frequently Asked Questions | Severely Matted Hair Nothing Is Working

Is it possible to fix severely matted hair?

Yes, it is possible to fix severely matted hair at home. You only need to have a few products and some patience before you begin detangling your matted hair at home. As we saw above, lubricate the damaged hair well and gently unknot the twisted strands as you declutter the rumpled hair cluster.   

matted hair before and after

What helps severely matted hair?

After rinsing your hair with a shampoo, you can use either moisturizing conditioners, detangler sprays, or some oils (like coconut or olive) to saturate your rough hair mane. Then, loosen your hair strands with your fingers, and later use a wide-toothed comb to part the knotty hair and comb it to uncoil it. Now, rinse your hair and do a protective hairstyle if you have curly hair. 

Why does my hair get matted when I sleep?

When we sleep, our head rubs against the pillowcase, causing friction. Many of us even take showers before bed, which keeps our hair (or some part of it) wet for hours. Dry your hair before sleeping, or wrap a towel around it. Detangle knotted mats with fingers lightly and invest in a silk pillowcase to avoid friction.

How do you detangle the worst matted hair?

Find the central knot and try to detangle the strands around it gently. If the mat is too stubborn, you can cut that part off with your scissors. Follow the same process of moisturizing, untwisting, and washing the hair to eliminate hair mats. If all the home remedies fail, it would be best to seek professional help.   

Why does my hair get so matted underneath?

It may be due to various reasons. When you do not condition, comb or oil your hair regularly, the hair gets dry and textured, leading to matted hair. Plus, the buildup of sebum, hair products due to hair styling, minute leftovers of unwashed shampoo, conditioners, high hair porosity, and dry or curly hair induces tangles between them.     

combing hair

What dissolves matted hair?

As we saw above, detangler spray, leave-in conditioner, and oils aid greatly in dissolving matted hair. Many people use Apple Cider Vinegar, Peanut Butter, Lemon Juice, Avocado, and even mayonnaise to treat matted hair at home. Wet the matted area and use any of these dissolvers to drench the knots before treating it.

What are the dangers of matted hair?

The matted hair has dirt, dust, and sweat locked in it. From mild discomfort to nasty pain, matted hair triggers many annoyances. You may get infested with hair lice or some infection. In acute hair matting, your hair may look like a bird’s nest and develop bacterial infections like Impetigo.       

Final Notes | Severely Matted Hair Nothing Is Working

There are many ways in which you can protect your hair from matting. The most important of them is to wash, condition, and comb your hair often. Always detangle the locked tufts with your fingers before washing them to prevent them from clustering afterward. You can follow the above step-by-step method for a practical detangling session. 

Use a silk pillowcase or silk scarf before sleeping. I may repeat but avoid everything that triggers matted hair. If you ask how to detangle matted Caucasian hair, know the process is the same. Even colored hair becomes very fine that gets knotted easily. Lastly, monitor your mental health and seek help when needed.

Please share your hair type and how you care for it in the comments below. We would love to hear from you.

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