My Hair Is So Thin After Extensions | Do Extensions Damage Hair?

We all have a common weakness for pretty and luscious hair extensions. But, at the same time, we all may not have the remedy or a quick fix for our hair after those false strands have sucked the life out of our natural locks and left them to look like ruins! This has led many beauty enthusiasts to contemplate why My Hair Is So Thin After Extensions. 

My Hair Is So Thin After Extensions

It is essential to know this. Otherwise, we squander our money on many things that do not benefit the health of our tressess, and also show no mercy on our bank account! Luckily, we have decoded all the scoop you would want to know if you are facing this heartbreaking situation. So bookmark all the essential points because it will be worth it! 

My Hair Is So Thin After Extensions | Do Extensions Damage Hair?

If you have tasted this challenging situation, you would know how much trouble it is compared to being a blessing. That’s right, and we are talking about the craze of extensions! And no soul did not complain after using them! That is because they put your hair under extra and unwanted stress, which disrupts your health from within and causes damage. Let us look at how you can tackle this situation gracefully so that your hair looks glamorous! 

Reasons For Hair Damage After Extensions

Incorrect Application 

The application matters to a great extent when it comes to donning your locks with voluminous extensions. For example, if you have a thin density or have yet to be blessed with that much volume. Suppose, in this case, your beautician has put heavy extensions on your hair that your locks cannot stand or cope with, and you might face hair breakage because of the constant pressure your hair is under.

Reasons For Hair Damage After Extensions

The hair roots feel a lot of tugging and pulling, which is why they split off or break off from the scalp after being unable to bear the extra weight. Also, if they have been applied too tightly, it leaves no space for your hair to breathe, leading to damage. 

Time Matters

You might experience hair loss if you have kept those extensions glued to your hair for an extended time. Extension wings come with extra components like tape-in, clips, etc., constantly irritating your scalp and preventing your follicles from keeping good health. Therefore you mustn’t keep them for a long time. 

Chemical Glues

Sometimes, aestheticians use a certain kind of glue to lock them in place to ensure the extensions have been applied perfectly to your hair. When you carry on with your day-to-day activities and comb your hair, the comb runs through the glue, which may make your strands sticky and messy. This will eventually displace the glue and lead to the splitting up of the hair. 

How To Repair Damage After Hair Extensions 

Chop Chop

A nice trimming sesh for improving your locks is a must if you want to see your hair flourishing in the future. After using hair extensions, most faces split ends or the breaking of hair strands from the middle, so removing those unwanted, lifeless strands becomes essential. Cutting those split ends off allows or stimulates hair growth and makes your strands thicker. 

DIY Pampering 

Our strands often get dried up, which leads to constant brushing up of strands that lead to breakage. That is why giving your locks an excellent nutritious moisture boost is essential. This is only possible if you prepare a pleasant and satisfying DIY concoction that will prepare your tresses for the pre-shampoo period. 

Moisturizing Shampoo Ritual 

Using a clarifying shampoo will promise to clean that left behind residue and grime that has settled on your scalp and is blocking the pores. Detoxifying becomes very necessary here as it might lead to the clogging of hair follicles and the splitting up of strands. 

How To Repair Damage After Hair Extensions 

Yes to Deep Conditioning

Leave-in treatments for your hair are an excellent way to retrieve the lost oil and nutrition, which often gets washed away after becoming constantly brittle and dehydrated. For this, you can incorporate a deep and nourishing conditioner in your hair care ritual, as it will strengthen your locks and neutralize unwanted stress. This improves the overall appearance of your locks and revives them from within.  

Massage Your Way Through 

A good massage can heal many things, including the plight of your hair. After extensions, you can massage your scalp in gentle and circular motions. This will increase the blood flow to the scalp, help strengthen the individual strands, and thicken their density. This also revives the hair follicles and prevents your locks from breaking. 

Lay Off Heating Tools 

Your tresses are already under much stress in making them pretty with extensions. And by the time you have removed them, they must be crying in dire need of help. At this point, if you trouble them more with heating tools like straighteners, curling irons, or even blow-dry sessions, you might be enhancing the damage already done. If you want your hair to recover faster and better, apply a humble coat of heat protectant to shield your locks against environmental aggressors. 

Brush, Brush! 

When you put on extensions, your natural hair is already dealing with similar friends from outside. What happens here is the normal pH or density of your hair is a lot different than the pH or texture of the extensions you have added to amp up your beauty. If you are not too careful, this might backfire, and people may start to differentiate your original locks from the fake ones. Therefore, you must brush them regularly. Combing or running the brush along your hair will distribute the oil in your scalp naturally and evenly, which will gel your locks together. 

brushing hair to avoid damage


Using extensions on your locks might elevate their beauty, but it also comes with its fair share of disadvantages in the form of hair fall. Therefore, it becomes crucial to take care of your hair like your baby. And unlike others, this baby needs way more pampering. You must comply with the needs of your locks if you want to preserve their beauty. This guide on My Hair Is So Thin After Extensions will help you overcome your troubles so you never shy away from flaunting your hair! 

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