Scorolash Reviews | Better Than The Rest?

Beauty is subjected, and its meaning changes according to different perspectives. What might be the best feature of your face might not be as pretty as theirs. While pampering our beauty, we often end up overdoing it, which brings out flaws like visible over-plucked areas or open spaces on your lids! Both are equally embarrassing the other, so we thought of ending your misery.

According to Scorolash, the brand features lash growth and brow growth serums that skincare lovers swear by. These formulas are tried and tested for sure, but what do the Scorolash reviews have to say, and are they what you need? Will they help solve your problems? Can you use them without robbing your entire bank? 

Scorolash reviews

We have answered all your queries below. Let us take a deep breath and uncover everything there is to know about it.

Scorolash Reviews | Way To Rebuild Your Brows & Lashes?

The only time our brows are equal or our lashes are looing taken care of is when we visit the salon. But after some days our brows start looking different from each other! No more of this dilemma, for we have got help. According to Scorolash Reviews, if you need a hefty amount of hair on your brow arches or above your eyelids, this brand claims to revive them for you. But what makes it different than the rest? Like every other new name in town, this needs your inspection too! Do you think your sensitive skin will love it?

Scorolash ingredients play an essential role in the revival of your brow lash. They primarily revolve around plant-based peptides, nutrients, and vitamins. Ingeeitns like panthenol and hyaluronic keep your lashes healthy by throwing in a sufficient water supply. This cuts down on brittleness and prevents lash breakage. The amino acids present here build up keratin back, enhancing blood flow, rejuvenating hair follicles, and kickstarting their growth. The formula strives hard so that the sparse areas do not look empty anymore and replaces them with bushy hair strands. 


We would never harm your skin, so you should know that the brand is strictly against animal testing and claims to complement all skin tones. No harsh chemicals are present in the composition so that you can relax. If you have already damaged your natural lashes, there is still hope! 


  • Delivers longer, fuller, and healthier lashes 
  • Has not been tested on animals 
  • Supplies essential nutrients to the hair follicles 
  • Mimics luscious lashes like false extensions 
  • Free of oil 
  • It can be worn with eyelash extensions 
  • It contains 4 different types of peptides 
  • The formula is infused with 4 varieties of vitamins 
  • Reinforces lash growth from root to tip
  • Shows results as quickly as in 17 days 
  • Increases blood flow individually to lashes 
  • Stimulates keratin growth 
  • Reduces lash breakage and inflammation 
  • Suitable for all lash types 
  • Strengthens lashes from within 
  • It does not contain any harmful preservatives 

Scorolash review


  • It might only work for some. 
  • A bit expensive according to the quantity offered. 

Best Of Scorolash 

Keep away those tweezers and other handy enhancers for good. We bring you three essential brand favorites that have enjoyed the spotlight on themselves for quite some time. Let us take a look. 


The beauty nation is obsessing over longer arches of celebs in their red carpet looks, making it even more necessary to invest in a good eyelash growth serum that will make your lashes grow! The Scorolash Eyelash Growth Serum claims to intensify the health of your lashes and gives you luscious hair to flaunt. The best brand seller offers to pamper your eyelashes with high-maintenance care. It is a perfect destress for your lovelies by conditioning it and encouraging health.


Clinical tests run by the brand have shown a 99% success rate, where 76% of users saw an improvement in the average growth of their lashes in just 3 weeks. Infused with powerful peptides and plant botanicals, the formula is oil-free and has not been tested on animals.  Eyelashes are an essential feature of your beauty, and lash growth serum keeps your hair happy and hydrated.

But this serum has a slight smell that can irritate you. Also, a user complained about the irritation and redness it caused. Thus, if you want another option, Lashfood’s Lash Enhancing serum can make its way to your vanity. 


To stand out as the best brow icon and flaunt your caterpillar brows on Instagram is a big deal now. But that does not mean those not blessed with heavy growth must compromise their beauty. This Eyebrow Growth Serum from Scorolash features a formula with powerhouse natural extracts and nutrients that help maintain a healthy eyebrow growth cycle. Pumpkin seed extract prevents fallout and thickens your brow hair. Other ingredients like Panax Ginseng Extract help rejuvenate the entire strand from root to tip and remedy your sparse areas.


Additional peptides and fruit extracts are also present, which combine to reinforce those over-plucked areas, leave behind brittleness and dryness, and welcome nourished eyebrows. The efficacy reports of the product showcase that 93% of users saw noticeable improvements in the fullness of their lashes after 17 days of usage.

So, if you want something to kick-start those lazy follicles sitting underneath, this serum claims to give them just the right amount of push! But there were a few reviews available that made it difficult to determine whether or not the serum was trustworthy. Therefore, GrandeBrow can be one of the best alternatives to Scorolash brow serum, with effective results and several reviews available. 


If you have ridiculously long eyelashes, half the battle here is won! But, if they look lifeless and brittle, you might have to work on them to reignite their spark. The Scorolash Voluminizing mascara has peptides & plant botanicals present in this composition are an excellent addition, as they help in conditioning your lashes, stimulating their growth, and healing any damage from within. Dab some coats on your lashes to elevate the whole look, as it mimics the appearance of false extensions. Voluminous, thicker, and without any sticky adhesive!


The formula is loved by many for its exceptional flake-free tubing technology, which gives your lashes volumizing coats without clumping, smudging, or smearing. So if you want the quickest road leading to fuller-looking lashes, this mascara claims to help pave the way! Again because of minimal reviews and complaints about clumping, you might be looking for a better option. Hence, Lash Cosmetics Vibely Mascara is the best waterproof mascara you can get your hands on. 

Who is Scorolash For?

  • Those who want fluffier lashes but prefer staying away from lash glue extensions.
  • People who want to accelerate the growth of their lashes 
  • Those needing fuller and thicker brows 
  • Users who wish to have  longer and extended lashes 
  • Those who want to make their lashes healthy 
  • People who need a defined and bolder effect on their eyes without makeup. 

Customer Feedback | Scorolash Reviews

If you had the opportunity to choose from the best serums related to lashes and brows, which one would you have picked? It is not easyis it notit? While every product promises to offer you something, they also come with flaws. So if you do not want to put your skin in jeopardy and feel like knowing about Scorolash and its hero pickles, we suggest you stay right here! After taking all notes and listening to real-time users of the brand, here is what people are saying. 

Scorolash customer reviews

Abigail J. pinned, “I have always wanted to buy something for my brows to make them look nicer and thicker. But I could never try any of them due to so many options. My cousin recently told me about this serum and how it took her brow game to the next level, so I knew I had to try it. It has been only three weeks, and I am starting to see improvements. My brows look fuller and nourished now as compared to earlier.”

Christie commented, “I am slightly disappointed because the quantity is too less for the price.”

Novah said, “The most interesting part is that I have never trusted lash serums, but this one stole my heart. After applying, your lashes feel like they have received a moisture boost!”

Scorolash customer reviews

Liselle said, “This did not do much for my brows as promised. I have very light eyebrows that look almost invisible when I go out in the sun. So I wanted something to amplify its growth. I used it for two months and still did not see any results. I guess this does not work for everyone after all.”

Suki expressed, “So far, this is the best purchase from this brand. What I love most is that it lasts very long, even when you use it daily. The formula feels very lightweight, and my lashes feel very hydrated.”

FAQs | Scorolash Reviews 

How good is Scorolash?

Clinical trials conducted with the brand show an impressive thesis about the products. There is a 99% success rate where users saw the most growth of 76% of their lashes at the end of just three weeks. Most were satisfied with their lashes’ appearance, length, volume, and health in 17 days. The brand has also received approval for being cruelty-free and avoiding animal testing. 

Does Scorolash change the eye color?

A common side effect of using lash and brow growth serums is that they change the color of your iris. This mainly happens because of a critical ingredient which is a prostaglandin called bimatoprost in them, which is found in almost all lash and brow serums. Scorolash is dedicated to its client base and claims that none of its products contain prostaglandin or hormones. 

What are the Scorolash Side Effects?

The brand claims they do not use harsh elements that can compromise anyone’s skin barrier. Their formula is designed for all skin types. Even cancer patients can safely rely on these products. No hormones, prostaglandin, oil, parabens, or gluten have been added. Also, none of the products have been tested on animals and are vegan. 

Scorolash ingredients

What are Scorolash ingredients?

It constitutes four different kinds of vitamins: Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Vitamin B7, Vitamin B5, four different peptides, and plant botanicals. These herbal ingredients include Pumpkin seed extract, Panax Ginseng Extract, and other fruits and roots. Hyaluronic Acid fights off dryness and brittleness and strengthens your hair instead. Pentylene Glycol is an excellent moisturizer that helps in enhancing water resistance. All of these elements play a unique role in preventing premature brow and lash breakage. 

Where to buy Scorolash?

Visit the brand’s official website, where you can find the three individual products to pamper your beauty. You also get easy access to buying products in bundles, which saves money. 


Our skin needs a particular push to look pretty. Most of the brands today promise this, but only a few deliver. Luckily, we did the job for you and asked about this brand. Most reviews are positive, as people feel content with the results they receive from using the products. Almost 93% of users were satisfied, whereas some claimed the products did not make much difference to their eyes. What stood out the most for users is that most of them got noticeable improvements in a month. So, if you are on a time crunch and need to see those results faster, Scorolash Reviews point out that these edits are an excellent way to invest your beauty in. 

These products from the brand are like a daily treatment you can give to your brows and lashes to accentuate their appearance and health. So, if you haven’t seen your facial features at their full potential yet, it’s time you start doing so! 

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  1. It DOES work. I’m 70 years old…using it for three months with amazing results. And at my age with older metabolism…if it helped so far…I’m hoping in the next three months to have even MORE improvement. At this age I despise make up….don’t even need eye make up..just use curler and voila. And gentle…it’s never caused irritation


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