Does Grande Lash Change Eye Color? | Here’s The Truth

It’s complicated! First, what exactly is the change in eye color? Do you wake up one fine morning to see you look like a blue-eyed mermaid? Or do you see emerald green tones dazzling in your eyes? Let’s have some closure! 

Does Grande Lash Change Eye Color?

Does Grande Lash Change Eye Color?

Although the brand claims its advanced lash serum is safe to apply, users have a different story. Many Does Grandelash Change Eye Color Reddit reviews have pointed out that the serum invites unwanted situations like a change in your eye color because of a critical ingredient that goes by the name, prostaglandins. Now, does Grandelash have Prostaglandin? The answer is yes. But what exactly is the change in eye color? This element causes the iris to darken by stimulating the amount of melanin or the dark brown pigment in your eyes. 

Although the ingredient stimulates your follicles to strengthen your lashes, it also leads to other things! Reports have suggested that the natural behavior of prostaglandin is to help provide some relief in pain and the healing process. This further causes inflammation, redness, and irritation as counter effects. These are the most common side effects of lash serums, as reported by users. 

Does Grande Lash Change Eye Color

Do Eyelash Serums Change Eye Color?

Yes, and no. Yes, when they contain a unique ingredient, and no, when you are unaware of it! 

Lash serums have been linked to rare side effects like darkening of the iris or changes in the color of the eyes. This usually happens because all eyelash-enhancing serums contain prostaglandin or analog ingredients. Even big companies like Latisse and Revitalsh fall under this category. So how do we choose the better between these lash serums? Studies have found that this ingredient is found in our body naturally and emits similar qualities to a hormone. They take part in different activities or processes like reproduction, digestion, metabolism, and immunity. 

But how did they enter the lash serum picture? Does Grande Lash Change Eye Color? It all started back in the days when people suffering from ocular diseases like glaucoma or intraocular pressure used eye drops to heal their condition. These eye drops were incorporated with prostaglandins inadvertently. However, they caused a side effect in these patients: their lashes began to grow thicker and longer. So many cosmetics brands started to fly in and make their lash serums which were supposed to hook people who wanted to accentuate the look of their lashes. 

Does Grande Lash Change Eye Color

Can You Be Affected?

Hear us out. Not all eye colors are equally affected with the same intensity because of lash serums. Some tests done with Latisse, by taking certain people with eye colors, revealed that people with brown or blue eyes didn’t experience any side effects. Blue already contains a very light amount of melanin, so it remains unaffected. At the same time, the color brown did not change because it already has a lot of concentration of melanin. The eyes of colors taken as test subjects were greenish-brown or hazel, greyish brown, yellowish brown, light brown, and amber. 

Ways to Minimize the Threat 

Prep it right 

You must prep your face and lashes nicely with a good cleaning session. Mark no makeup residue lingers on your skin, especially on your eyes. Any debris left compromises your skin’s delicateness and puts you at risk. When you are careful, it allows the product to be absorbed thoroughly where you want it to, which gives optimal results.

Moreover, keeping your eye area clean prevents color change, as it will eliminate any irrelevant material from your lashes, which may hamper it from fully absorbing into your lash roots. Also, get rid of those pesky contact lenses to prevent any chances of irritation upon coming in contact with the serum.

Stick to the rulebook

Beauty brands offer a detailed manual for a reason, and it would be foolish to ignore that in this case. So ensure that you follow the Grande Lash serum manual according to every word of their guideline, as it’s better to be safe than sorry! Also, put it where it belongs! Apply the serum only on your lash roots, as applying them on your lash hair will cause a potential change in your eye color. 

Say no to overapplication

The serum is saturated richly in heavy pigments. So you should put only what is required. Just a humble stroke on your upper lash line will be enough. When you get greedy and over-apply, the lash lien cannot hold and absorb all the product quickly, so the unwanted or extra product tends to spread out and travel. This extra splurge can soon get into your eyes, resulting in a lash color change. 

Pro tip:- If the skincare gods are angry with you, and you somehow accidentally get the serum into your eyes, rinse it off without wasting any breath! Use clean running water to do so, and visit your dermatologist immediately. Also, refrain from using the product on your lower lash line, as it may irritate your sensitive eye area and lead to color change. 

Final Words: Does GrandeLash Change Eye Color?

We now know the answer to the Does Grande Lash Change Eye Color question. Grande Lash is undoubtedly basking in its glory days, but we cannot ignore that the good parts come without a catch! Although the brand lays down a complete no-no on the doubts about its lash serum, users have repeatedly pointed out a constant complaint of the formula changing their eye color.

Since Grande Lash is not FDA-approved, it can legally omit information regarding its side effects. But that’s why you have us! Reviews suggest that this side effect is not impossible but improbable. No studies have found the changing of the color of the iris to be reversible, so you better stay on your toes! 

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