Monolid VS Double Lid: Differences, Comparison & More 

Hours and hours in front of the mirror, checking out your looks, either admiring or being in dismay, is the fact that everybody would agree on. Beauty is an integral part of our life. Working on the skin, most notably our face, to make it better has been something inevitable. But to be honest, everything that we try to enhance ourselves can be in vain if we don’t understand our features well. Here, in this context, we will be discussing Monolid VS Double Lid, explaining their peculiar features. We hope by the end, you will be brave enough to liberate yourself from insecurities and embrace your uniqueness.

Mono Lids VS Double Lids

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All About Monolid VS Double Lid Eyes 

Knowledge is power, and it applies anywhere as well as you. Knowing about yourself is as important as any other effort you would make for an attractive outlook. The slightest of our features can have an immense impact on our makeover. Eyelids are one of those. They play a significant role in providing the eye its shape and, hence, the face. Mono lids and double lids are the essential types. Both are unique, and therefore, they deserve special treatment. 

Mono lids are those which lack a crease between the eyelashes and eyebrows. They are more prominent among East Asians and are primarily genetic. These lids make the eyes look smaller and less attractive. At the same time, double lids are those with a crease. They have gained considerable popularity among the majority. This particular shape displays the eyes more prominent and is more appealing. Uniqueness is an undeniable fact; hence, all we have to do is find the proper method to embrace what we are.

Eye Makeup For Monolid & Double Lid

Mono lids and double lids have their highlighting elements to be taken care of while providing a definite look. The following points may help you sort out major issues that you may come across during eye work. 

For Mono Lids

  • Researchers always witnessed the best results with an eye primer, which applies to both lids. A concealer or a better foundation can help you out in its absence.
  • Most makeup videos you may come across adapt horizontal gradients. They apply darker shades on the outer V corners of the eye and lighter ones on the inside. But a flatter eyelid, like a monolid, always goes well with something vertical. Apply darker shades close to the lashes and blend them towards the brows.
  • Another mistake people with mono lids tend to make is applying eyeshadows with their eyes closed. Hence, when they open their eyes, we don’t see anything. Therefore, apply eyeshadows with your eyes open.
  • Apply eyeshadows on the lower side, too. This can help in providing better shape and exposure to the eyes.
Double Lid Makeup | Mono Lids VS Double Lids
  • Short and thin eyelashes are significant characteristics of an Asian eye. Use curlers along with good mascara to make your eyelashes look longer, fuller, and thicker. Apply it from the lash line, covering the lashes from top to bottom. Since mono lids are prone to smudges, choosing a waterproof mascara will be wise. If required, don’t hesitate to use false lashes.
  • People use thick eyeliners to make their eyes look bolder and more prominent. But the fact is, they look weird when you close your eyes. Hence, use eyeshadows to line your eyes. Concentrate on your eye shape while doing the same.

For Double Lids

Double lids are more popular than mono lids and are easier to maintain. Certain aspects are proven to be magnificent on double eyelids.

  • The best gradient for a double lid is starting with a lighter shade on the inside and a darker one towards the outer. It helps with the eye shape and enhances the crease. Mixing three shades initiated with a lighter one followed by a medium and a darker shade on the outside would be a wiser choice.
  • Use mascaras for more beautiful and alive-looking eyes. Curl up your lashes from the lash line, moving upwards, keeping it horizontal. Apply two or three coats for much fuller and thicker lashes, which bring a magnificent look to your eyes.   
Mono Lid Makeup | Mono Lids VS Double Lids
  • Highlighting the inner corners is yet another method to get more awakening to your eyes.   
  • If you want something that makes your eyes look larger, use eyeliner on your upper lash line, focusing on the shape. Using light-colored eyeliner on the lower lash line can add to the work.
  • Double lids have a crease, and highlighting them is essential. Defining your crease will help you achieve the desired attractiveness for your eyes. Blend the shadow into the crease for more extensive and more attractive looks.
  • Utilizing the space between the brow bone and the lids is yet another matter of concern. 
  • Contouring the brow bone across the crease can bring some life to your eyes.


Mono and double lids are unique and minute features that contribute significantly to your appearance. Both are unique and attractive. Inevitable mistakes that we may encounter can have a significant impact on our outer look. Likewise, when attended, some aspects will uncover the desired flawless look that you would crave. Choosing wisely according to our features is necessary when deciding on a makeover. Here, we have covered specific characteristics and ideas focusing on Monolid VS Double Lid to help you achieve the perfect look you deserve.

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