Kaleidoscope Hair Products Reviews | The Best Bet For Your Hair?

A myriad of hair products are available nowadays, claiming to yield several desired results. But determining which brand’s claims are truly effective is often tricky. Kaleidoscope makes a range of hair care products that have garnered commendable attention from people seeking healthy and stylish locks. Therefore, these Kaleidoscope hair products reviews will provide an honest picture of its popular products. You would also discover whether you can try its line of products based on its promises.

Kaleidoscope Hair Products Reviews

When it comes to hair care, all of us have individual needs. Even though multiple haircare products are available to tackle one problem, we may still personally remain dissatisfied with the results. A product that works for one person may remain futile for another. Therefore, this review will clarify whether Kaleidoscope products are worth the shot.

Kaleidoscope Hair Products Reviews | All You Need to Know! 

Kaleidoscope hair products brand was founded and is owned by Jesseca Dupart. The company offers a line of hair care and hair styling products. The idea of a holistic hair care brand took birth with the success of Kaleidoscope Hair Studio. Kaleidoscope, launched in 2014, is now manufacturing multiple hair products. The popular collections brought by the Kaleidoscope brand are:

  • Miracle Drops
  • Miracle Collection
  • Da Brat Collection
  • Moisture Collection
  • Soulfed Collection
  • Therapeutic Collection
  • Kaleidokids

Besides these, the brand also offers hair accessories and books on its website. You can shop for the products on their website or at Amazon and Walmart. 

Whether you are looking for shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, hair sprays, styling gels, or hair growth serums, Kaleidoscope offers everything. So, let us look at their popular products and determine whether the brand meets your expectations.

Popular Kaleidoscope Hair Products 

Below are the popular bundles and collections offered by Kaleidoscope. This section will offer you insights on which collection you should opt for according to your needs. 

Kaleidoscope Therapeutic Growth System

The Kaleidoscope Therapeutic Growth System is a sought-after collection ideal for those seeking a good and quick hair growth solution.

What Does the Package Include?

We are all aware that our tresses, just like other parts of our body, require potent nourishment to grow quickly. But we often fail to determine how to take care of them in our busy schedule.

Therefore, the Kaleidoscope hair products brand offers an all-around solution to address the hair growth problem. The therapeutic growth system includes Kaleidoscope Therapeutic Detox Shampoo and Therapeutic Nourishing Conditioner. Along with these, the collection also consists of the Kaleidoscope Miracle Drops Original Serum.

The power-packed combo of shampoo, conditioner, and serum helps restore hair growth and combat hair fall issues.

Kaleidoscope Therapeutic Growth System

Key Ingredients

Kaleidoscope Therapeutic Detox Shampoo: The detox shampoo and nourishing conditioner aim to offer restorative hair therapy. The shampoo is infused with rosemary, ginger, and jojoba oil. This formula has a cooling effect that stimulates hair growth. It also helps to remove scalp buildup. 

Further, the formulation also restores the natural pH balance of the scalp. The formulation is also free of parabens, sulfates, mineral oil, and petroleum additives. It is also untested on animals.

Kaleidoscope Therapeutic Nourishing Conditioner: The nourishing conditioner is also infused with the goodness of natural ingredients like ginger, rosemary, and jojoba oil. When applied after the detox shampoo, the conditioner helps revitalize the scalp’s moisture and gives life to dull hair.

Kaleidoscope Miracle Drops Original: After cleaning the scalp with detox shampoo and nourishing condition, you can apply the serum to promote hair growth. The Miracle Drops Original Oil contains peppermint extract to improve blood circulation. It is also infused with tea tree oil to combat scalp dryness. Aloe vera extract further stimulates hair follicles to promote hair growth.

Da Brat Collection Full Bundle

When it comes to styling your hair correctly, we are often victims of strong breeze, heat, and other atmospheric deterrents. You may straighten your hair, curl it, or make an outstanding bun, but a wisp of air will spoil it.

What Does the Package Include?

The Da Brat Collection was thus curated by Kaleidoscope to protect your styling efforts. Styling your tresses the right way will alter your appearance significantly. Specially made for stylish young people, the Da Brat Collection has got you covered for protecting your hairstyle.

The collection is inspired by Grammy-nominated Da Brat’s numerous hairstyles over the decades. Judy (Jesseca Dupart) has thus brought the range of products with protective styling in mind. The lightweight products of the Da Brat Collection are all rich in moisture content. Besides this, all the styling products are enriched with nourishing natural ingredients that stimulate hair growth.

The Da Brat Collection Full Bundle comprises:

  • Platinum Shine Spray
  • FunkDafied Scalp Spray
  • Unrestricted Braid and Loc Butter
  • Whatchu’Like Apple Cider Vinegar Cleansing Rinse
  • Yo Fav Wrapper Mousse
  • So So Slick Braid & Grip Gel
Da Brat Collection

Key Ingredients 

Kaleidoscope Da Brat So So Slick Braid Gip Hair Gel: This gel from the Da Brat Collection is apt for styling all types of hair. One can use the gel to lock braids, curls, ponytails, twists, and buns in place. It is also suitable for natural hair care. 

It is formulated with ginger, manuka honey, oat milk, and flaxseed extract. The formulation is also free of parabens, sulfates, and alcohol.

Kaleidoscope Da Brat Soothing Braid & Scalp Texturizing Spray: The 8 fl oz spray is formulated with ginger, peppermint, manuka honey, and oat milk. The formulation is free of sulfates, parabens, and alcohol. Ideal for braids, twists, weaves, or even ponytails, the spray can help soften the hair. 

It also helps relieve tension and nourishes the hair and scalp. The spray can also be used for under-wig hair care. The spray is suited for all hair types.

Miracle Drops Bundle 

Curated for those who don’t want to compromise on style and nourishment, the Miracle Drops range came into existence. 

What Does the Package Include?

The key benefits offered by the products in the Miracle Drops collection are hair softening and growth. 

Why is it called Miracle Drops? The range’s name comes from the products being infused with miracle drops. All the products contain organic ingredients that stimulate hair growth and help to soften the texture of any type of hair. The shampoo and other products are infused with coconut milk, aloe vera leaf extract, and other nourishment-rich ingredients.

The Miracle Drops Intro Bundle comprises:

  • Miracle Drops Shampoo
  • Miracle Drops Conditioner
  • Miracle Drops Leave-In
  • Miracle Drops 3-Minute Mask
  • Miracle Drops Gel Styler
  • Miracle Drops Original
Kaleidoscope Miracle Drops Bundle 

Key Ingredients 

Miracle Drops Leave-In Conditioner: Does Kaleidoscope Miracle Drops grow hair? Absolutely yes. The Kaleidoscope Miracle Drops Leave-In is infused with 100% natural ingredients. Suitable for all hair types of men, women, and children, it contains coconut milk, shea butter, aloe vera, and rice water. 

The leave-in conditioner is lightweight. Rich in moisture, the conditioner can detangle the locks while keeping the texture smooth and refreshed for 72 hours.

Miracle Drops 3-Minute Mask: The Miracle Drops 3-Minute Mask is for those who intend to strengthen damaged and lifeless hair strands. Exposed to chemical treatments and heat styling, hair strands often lose their shine and liveliness. The 3-Minute Hair Mask is easy and quick to use. It can work from roots to ends, revitalizing the damaged hair strands. 

Coconut milk, aloe vera, and castor oil make the 3-Minute Mask effective. 

Wondering how long it takes for Kaleidoscope drops to work? Well, the hair mask starts working almost immediately.

Accessories Collection

Fond of hair accessories and hunting for them all the time? The Kaleidoscope online store houses a vast collection of hair accessories. Satin bonnets, bandanas, satin scrunchies, Judy brushes, and even a Kaleido beauty bag can be found in their store. One can also find hair clips and Da Brat Bamboo earrings in their store.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Kaleidoscope Hair Products

Here are the merits and demerits of the Kaleidoscope hair product brand.


  • Offers a vast majority of collections and bundles comprising hair styling and hair care products.
  • Customers can also find hair accessories on their website.
  • There is a special line of products for kids called Kaleidokids.
  • Customers can find hair care products with therapeutic benefits targeting hair loss, scalp problems, hair growth, etc.
  • Products are reasonably priced.
  • Products can be found in a vast range of physical and online stores.
  • Formulations are infused with natural ingredients.


  • As each person’s needs differ, one can confirm whether a particular product works for them only after trying it themselves.

Customer Reviews | Kaleidoscope Hair Products Reviews

Here are a few Kaleidoscope hair products reviews on Amazon.

Natalie noted that her daughter’s hair was growing at an extremely slow rate, and she was tired of using multiple products. But then she chose to order one bottle of the 2oz Miracle Drops and applied it to her scalp. She started seeing positive results after just one week of using Miracle Drops.

Kaleidoscope Hair Products Reviews

Ashley shared her thoughts – she rated the Therapeutic Growth Conditioner 5 stars as she loves the refreshed feeling that comes after using the product. She also added that the conditioner helps to soften her locks and makes her hair appear shinier and livelier.

Brie shared that setting her voluminous locks for parties and occasions was always a challenge. After finding Kaleidoscope Miracle Edges, she no longer worries about styling her hair the right way. The reason for this is that the pomade holds the hairstyle in place for a long time. She can confidently flaunt her tresses without worrying about her hair going frizzy due to atmospheric factors.

Frequently Asked Questions | Kaleidoscope Hair Products Reviews

Are Kaleidoscope hair products good?

Yes, the brand Kaleidoscope encompasses a wide variety of products, including shampoos, conditioners, hair sprays, and hair styling gels. This brand even makes styling products for kids. Furthermore, the Kaleidoscope brand offers hair styling accessories. This brand also offers some therapeutic products for hair growth to make it look healthy.

What stores sell Kaleidoscope hair products?

You can find Kaleidoscope products on their website. Furthermore, you can also find hair care products from Kaleidoscope on Amazon. One can find Kaleidoscope hair products in Walmart’s physical and online stores. Target and Walgreens are other online stores that also sell Kaleidoscope products. You can find several other brick-and-mortar stores on their store locator page. 

Kaleidoscope Hair Products Reviews

Who owns the Kaleidoscope hair product brand?

The Kaleidoscope hair products brand was founded and is operated by Jesseca Dupart. Jesseca is not just the company CEO but also the owner of a non-profit known as KaleidoKares. Besides donning several other feathers in her cap, she is also a top-notch influencer. A long-term hair stylist, she has long been passionate about crafting exceptional hair care products. Hence, Kaleidoscope was born in 2014.

Do Kaleidoscope hair products work?

When it comes to choosing hair care and hair styling products, one can expect to see varied results with the same product. This is because each individual has different requirements. Though most customers and influencers have praised Kaleidoscope hair products, one has to try them personally to determine their impact. 

Expert Verdict | Kaleidoscope Hair Products Reviews

Our hair is the most ignored part of us, yet it plays a vital role in our appearance and personality. Most hair styling treatments cause hair fall, damage, and other long-term harm to our tresses. Therefore, nourishing and caring for them correctly is the key to good hair growth. The Kaleidoscope hair products are enriched with natural ingredients. Including a vast range of products, even their styling products are designed with hair care in mind. 

Winding up with the Kaleidoscope hair products reviews for black hair and other colors, we feel it is worth trying. Hairs of men, women, and kids, and hair of all sorts of texture and genetic build, are suited for Kaleidoscope products. Try out a product of your choice and share your experience with us in the comments section.

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