Can I Curl My Lashes After A Lash Lift? Here’s How

Eyelashes are those defense mechanisms of our body that protect our eyes from nasty little stuff and germs. So it becomes our duty to take care of them too. Not only because they protect our eyes, but they are an integral part of our face! Add some light lashes, and you can go for a subtle look. Just like that, add some bold C-curl lashes and watch everyone go crazy about your bold look! Lashes have become a famous cosmetic treatment that helps you give an illusion of dense and long lashes, based on your choice. 

Can I Curl My Lashes After A Lash Lift

But people aren’t delighted with anything much. The heart keeps wanting more and more. Like that, we think of curling our lashes, even after getting a lash lift. But the question is, can you do it? If you are a newbie and recently got your lashes lifted and are stuck with the question, ‘can I curl my lashes after a lash lift?’ don’t you worry! This report will give you a clear answer to this question.

Can I Curl My Lashes After A Lash Lift? Here’s How

People opt for lash lifts primarily because they want to cut out lash curling and the concept of regular use of mascara from their daily lives. Although you can use lash serums to gain healthy longer lashes without any treatment the lash lift is different. The lash lift procedure will make your lashes look curled and long, so the primary agenda of using a curler is done with lash lifts. However, some people would want to curl their lashes even after getting their natural lashes permed, maybe because they had very straight lashes in the first place.

So the direct answer to this question would be that you wouldn’t have to curl your lashes after you got them lifted. Initially, you wouldn’t need to do it. But if you still feel you need to do so, it might go to the opposing side. Why, you ask? Well, here it is, in clear words.

If you curl your lashes after going for a lash lift, the curler can damage the lift’s results. 

Curl My Lashes After A Lash Lift

Adding something extra to your lashes after a procedure will spoil the initial result. In fact, you aren’t supposed to touch or do anything to your lashes in the first 24 hours of the lash lift. So if you do anything to your lashes in these 24 hours, get ready for something you wouldn’t want; that could be weakening your lashes. 

Another reason you should not use a curler for your lashes after a lash lift is because it can damage your natural lashes. During a lash lift, several chemicals can damage your natural lashes. When you get such a procedure, it is natural that you are making your lashes more susceptible to damage. So the next thing you would want to do is take care of them, or to be specific, take extra care of them! And as a matter of fact, using curlers doesn’t come under the concept of ‘care.’

After Care Of A Lash Lift

Since you can’t curl your lashes, especially in the first 24 hours of a lash lift, here are some tips to take care of your lashes better.

  • The first and foremost thing is to avoid any makeup. Makeup can include eyeliner, mascaras, or other eye-related products that may weaken the lash lift.
  • Avoid causing any heat to your lashes, be it curlers or hot showers.
  • Another important point to note is that you should avoid oil-based lotions or creams as they can weaken the lash lift.
  • Also, do not use waterproof eye products as they require a lot of effort to get them off. You have to be very gentle with your lashes.

lash lift aftercare

FAQs | Can I Curl My Lashes After A Lash Lift?

How long does it take for a lash lift to settle?

The average time required for the entire treatment to settle is around 48 hours. Within these 48 hours, you must follow your professional’s instructions so the lash lift process is a success and you do not damage your natural lashes.

Is it okay to cry with a lash lift?

The first 24 hours of a lash lift are crucial; hence, you are supposed to avoid getting your lashes wet, be it sweat or tears.

Why are my lashes frizzy after a lash lift?

Frizzy lashes after a lash lift could either mean the perming agent was too harsh or maybe the solution was left on your lashes for too long. This frizziness should be treated, so it does not get worse and break your lashes. 


In conclusion, a lash lift procedure is quite a chemicalized one. So that means you are causing your lashes some damage, though professionals carry out the process. But the concept of curling your lashes is eliminated when you get a lash lift. So you wouldn’t need to curl your lashes at all. But if you need to, ensure you don’t touch your lashes for at least 48 hours! If you want to curl them, be extremely gentle with your lashes, and don’t use heat curlers!

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