11 Best Serum For Hair Growth And Thickness 2023

Genetics or over-styling, hair fall has happened to everyone. But this problem can be treated while it is not too late to mend. For that, your simpler DIY routines will not be enough. You will have to invest in better hair growth serums that tackle your concerns from the root to make your hair healthy in no time. 

Best Serum For Hair Growth And Thickness

In this descriptive guide to finding the Best Serum For Hair Growth And Thickness, we have broken down the 11 best hair serums money can buy so that your hair stops suffering and starts enjoying life in its truest form. 

Best Serum For Hair Growth And Thickness | Buyer’s Guide

Below are 11 seamless options for your clock that you can opt for if you are going through similar hair thinning or hair falls like so many others. There is something different for everyone’s hair type. So make sure you find the perfect fit! 

Women’s Rogaine 5% Minoxidil Foam

If your hair loss problems are increasing, then the Women’s Rogaine 5% Minoxidil Foam can be your one-stop solution. It possesses a nature of a hair-thinning treatment that has been designed with botanical extracts and emollients to keep your head and scalp neat and conditioned. A special edition of AHA or alpha hydroxy acid has been infused within the formula, which will exfoliate the dead cells of your scalp so that your follicles do not get blocked.

Women's Rogaine 5% Minoxidil Foam

This ensures your hair loss comes under control, and you get fuller-looking hair by being consistent. To achieve this, the formula penetrates deep into the damaged hair follicles to reactivate their health. The unique Tricho-Prime Technology infused in this helps create the perfect environment needed for our locks to grow and thrive with freshness. While the product has garnered many positive reviews and makes people’s hair growth goals come true, it may not be for everyone. While many users were pleased with their results, some did not see any substantial results from their before and after pictures. 

The Ordinary Multi-Peptide Serum

Suited for all hair types, this Multi peptide serum from Ordinary has earned its place in the beauty industry as one of those lightweight formulas that helps achieve fuller and healthier-looking hair. The formula is heavily concentrated and has been designed to meet the needs of your scalp and, in turn, induce the goodness of peptides within it. This, in turn, gives your locks an appearance of thicker, denser, and fuller-looking hair. The seamless combination of the peptide technologies comes in sync with the plant-based extracts.

The Ordinary Multi-Peptide Serum

Because it is present in the format of a water-based serum, it makes it very effortless on your part to teach it in your everyday life. The key ingredients found in this serum are caffeine, biotin, larix europaea wood extract, sativum extract, root extract, vulgare germ extract, soja germ extract, Trifolium flower extract, and camelia sinesis leaf extract. Be it straight, wavy, curly, or coily, the formula suits all hair types. While it looks promising, the effects may vary from person to person. 

Michele Green Hair Revitalizing Serum for Women

If all your previous formulas have made you lose faith in the haircare business, it’s time we change your mind about that! Today, hundreds of people, both men, and women, are dealing with the bad effects of their lifestyle or genetics, which has resulted in hair loss and thinning. So if you want the Best Serum For Hair Growth and Thinning, the Michele Green Hair Revitalizing Serum can be ideal!

Michele Green Hair Revitalizing Serum for Women

Thanks to the active ingredients present here, like Minoxidil and Progesterone, they combine to decrease hair loss while encouraging growth. It does so by targeting your scalp and making your hair follicles healthy. Make sure you are regular with your usage if you want less hair shedding and more hair growing! What might not work for many users is that the serum is a bit pricey and has been uniquely fashioned for the needs of women! So hurry up if you want to fix your problems while there is still time for improvement! 

Nutrafol Growth Activator Hair Serum

The whole point of adding a hair serum to your beauty cabinet is that it should help you get your thicker and voluminous hair back. But how many products deliver that kind of promise? Very few! So we’re only fair to introduce the Nutrafol Growth Activator Hair Serum so that you can unravel its series of benefits! The formula is very forgiving and claims to strengthen the base of your hair.

Nutrafol Growth Activator Hair Serum

This forms a shield and prevents unnecessary falling out of your locks. The dermatologist-approved formula also nourishes and conditions your hair length and features the goodness of plant exosomes sourced from an ancient adaptogenic herb known as Ashwagandha, which works hard to activate cell growth and thereby lead to new hair growth. While we love everything about this, it still has some flaws. The serum may make your hair very greasy or sticky in texture.

Act+Acre Cold Processed Stem Cell Serum

According to reviews, the formula has given users impressive clinical results thanks to the wonder of the active ingredients. Elements like Swiss Apple Stem Cells, Aloe Vera, and Bamboo Extract are a primary part of this composition, and they claim to work on all kinds of hair, starting wavy, curly, or coily. What the formula does is, creates a soothing effect on your scalp, fulfilling its hydration needs. Apart from the front hat, it is known to promote and encourage more volume so that your locks look fuller and thicker with time.

Act+Acre Cold Processed Stem Cell Serum

The expert-approved serum will be an excellent addition to your hair care routine, as it assures all its clients to keep all those free radical damages at bay that tend to enhance the premature aging of your hair follicles. While the serum has topped the list of the best anti-aging hair growth serum, it is also being hailed as one formula that gives you faster results than the dull ones you use daily. However, the pricing factor of the serum may not cater to everyone’s budgetary needs. So if you are a girl on a budget, you must keep your options open! 

Vegamour GRO Hair Serum

All the talk of hair growth and the name of the Vegamour GRO Hair Serum is sure to pop up! In fact, clinical studies of the brand prove that out of the total test subjects, 52% of people saw an increase in hair density, while 76% saw a reduction in hair shedding. So if you are facing continuous hair loss or fallout episodes, we suggest you try this baby! Unique ingredients like Turmeric, N. benthamiana, and Red Clover/ Mung Bean have been incorporated into the formula. The serum is a holy grail for many dealing with hair-thinning woes.

Vegamour GRO Hair Serum

What users love the most about the formula is it has a vegan composition and is free from toxic chemicals and carcinogens that might compromise your scalp and your health. However, bringing this serum into your life might also have some downsides. When you compare it with the quantity you get, the price may seem a bit above the horizon. So if you want something within your range, you can try different formulas with similar ingredients. 

Divi Scalp Serum

Infused with the magical goodness of ingredients like rosemary leaf extract, Divi Scalp serum nourishes your hair from roots to ends. It has not been tested on animals to keep your safety purposes intact. Users also have the liberty to apply the formula on their color-treated hair, as the formula has received the vote for approval from dermatologists seamlessly. The special ability of the serum is that it helps purify your scalp of all the build-up it has accumulated.

Divi Scalp Serum

That includes detoxifying the hair follicles and reviving the scalp so that the follicles remain healthy and alive. This, in turn, encourages better hair growth by offering a suitable environment for the hair to grow and also thickens very individual strands. The serum’s weightlessness allows it to sit on your scalp without causing any irritation. Besides, it has tea tree oil, which personally targets dandruff and sloughs off dead cells. However, this might not be an excellent idea for everyone. That is because the formula may not complement those who have sensitive skin. So if you fall in that area, look elsewhere. 

Minimalist hair growth actives 18% Hair Growth Serum

If you face skin concerns like hair thinning, you can seal the deal with the Minimalist hair growth active 18% hair growth serum. The formula consists of 5 proven ingredients (Capixyl, Redensyl, Procapil, Anagain, and Baicapil), a great recipe for thicker and fuller hair. It stands out from the rest because it has clinically proven studies that show the product’s efficacy. 87% of users from the study agreed that they could see a reduction in hair fall in just 6 weeks of using this.

Minimalist hair growth actives 18% Hair Growth Serum

Also, 87% of people were satisfied that their hair looked thicker within 8 weeks, whereas 97% of users were pleased that their scalp felt more invigorated and hydrated. Another golden aspect of this serum is that it has been designed to treat both men and women without any side effects that usually happen because of Minoxidil. You have to use it 2 to 3 times a week for quite some time to see improvements so that the bottle may get over soon. It is a bit expensive so you will buy more of it frequently. So if you are not ready to shell out that much cash, this is a sign! 

Kiehl’s Scalp and Hair Oil Treatment

This Magic Elixir Scalp and Hair Oil Treatment from Kiehl’s claims to aid in hair growth with its selective composition of formula that has been handcrafted with ingredients like castor, avocado, saffregular, and rosemary leaf oil. This mixture works immediately on your scalp and gives it instant moisturization results. Not only that, but if your locks are unruly and unmanageable, and if you want to do something to bring them under control, then this pre-shampoo treatment claims to give you a healthy scalp.

Kiehl's Scalp and Hair Oil Treatment

Your hair density does not matter because this treatment will be enough even if you have kinky, curly, or coiled hair! There are no harmful irritants, fragrances, sulfates, or synthetics. The formula is so lightweight you would not even feel it is there in your head! Avocado oil is also present in this composition, bringing back your tresses’ natural shine. But like everything else, this has its share of downsides. According to reviews by some trusted reports, users said it did not work for them. So if you are in a time crunch and need those results faster, look out for everything else as well! 

Shapiro MD Hair Serum

Apply the Shapiro MD Serum on your hair and forget all about it, as its super-absorbent formula allows it to be very weightless, which disappears on your scalp. Let alone make it oily; it does not make your strands greasy so that you can enjoy your blowout for a more extended period. Even if you are too lazy to wash your hair daily, it won’t cause buildup. The serum has been incorporated with skin-loving botanicals like green tea, saw palmetto berry, and caffeine, which helps fight signs of DHT hormone, known to cause hair loss.

Shapiro MD Hair Serum

Apart from that, it also has excellent properties that fight environmental stress, which makes you look dull, weak, and thin with the help of antioxidants. What we don’t like about the serum is that reviews suggest that not everyone who used this got to see the result they wished for. The main reason may be that the formula only works or shows visible marks on a specific type of hair loss. So it is crucial you find out why you are experiencing shedding or thinning of hair and then cater to your needs accordingly without hurrying into any decision. 

Pura D’or Hair Thinning Therapy Energizing Scalp Serum

When it comes to the hair business, most of us are unhappy with how things are going. On top of that, problems like hair loss and thinning only seem to be increasing. This is where the Pura D’or Hair Thinning Therapy Energizing Scalp Serum enters and claims to offer your scalp the benefits of deep nourishment and moisturization. The best part is it is very economical and won’t be heavy on your wallet. Another plus point is that it also introduces an impeccable shine and luster to your locks by cutting down the lackluster of your previously dull hair.

Pura D'or Hair Thinning Therapy Energizing Scalp Serum

Curls and kinky spirals may benefit the most from this bottle, as it has been hailed as an excellent option for those with curly hair. So if your locks are more into breaking, this formula of apple stem cells, rosemary oil, and biotin will work smoothly to stimulate the scalp and deeply hydrate all strands from the inside out. But if you are naturally impatient, you might feel more disappointed. That is because while the serum has shown positive results to users, it might take some time before it starts working or showing noticeable changes for you. 

FAQs | Best Serum For Hair Growth And Thickness

Do hair growth serums work?

Different hair growth serums exist based on the different troubles people face when caring for their hair. Be it to thicken their strands or decrease hair fall, cleanse your scalp, or something else; there is a serum for every hair type. 

Can serum reduce hair loss?

Yes, hair serums can help reduce hair fall, provided you use the right one. A good formula will detoxify your scalp from all impurities and create a suitable environment for hair growth. They also help strengthen the base of your follicles, reverse all the damage, prevent hair fall, and encourage more hair growth. 

Can I use hair serum daily?

Yes, you can apply hair serum every day. But it depends from hair type to hair type of different individuals. If your scalp becomes oily too quickly, then you might feel a bit of greasiness of buildup forming above. Or else, it might be okay for you to use it daily and not feel anything. If you opt for everyday use, try using a lightweight serum that will hydrate your rough cuticles and keep them moisturized. 


Restoring your scalp’s health is necessary. But it should not come at the cost of you realizing it late. You must focus on targeting the root cause of hair loss. And adding supplements to your everyday diet may not be enough. That is why the increasing popularity of hair growth serums makes people drool over them.

According to reviews, many A-class products are making headlines every day with their efficacy and clinical studies. To save you time, we put together 11 exotic edits in this guide to the Best Serum For Hair Growth And Thickness that talks about every individual product and what it does for your hair to make it thicker and fuller. We hope you find your hair’s one true love in this vast ocean of haircare! 

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