11 Best Eyelash Glue For Extensions that Lasts for Weeks

All the heart wants is some love and some lash glue for extensions that won’t give your eyes a hard time! While there’s no doubt that false eyelashes are all the rage among makeup fanatics, what’s even more surprising, is how men are also fond of them now with the changing fashion dynamics. Falsies highlight the features of your eye line and put them in the limelight.

This not only amplifies your look but adds more juice other than any other glam-up routine. The Best Eyelash Glue For Extensions guide has everything your eyes need and claims not to cause the end of your falsies to flare up. Your eyes can enjoy a fluttery, buttery, bushy, and voluminous look, where your one gaze can cause chemicals to stir up in people’s hearts! Kidding. 

best Eyelash Glue For Extensions

But this beauty industry works on a vast ocean that may have versatile options which seem equally appealing. It is better not to give in to your temptation. One wrong decision, and you may suffer irritation, reaction, or even worse. If your mood easily influences your shopping habits, users guarantee you will fall in love with this list of 11 Best Eyelash Glue that Lasts for Weeks.

Best Eyelash Glue For Extensions

Stacy Lash Extra Strong Professional Eyelash Extension Glue

If you are looking to invest in a good lash glue that will last you long, we have an extraordinary suggestion to make! The Stacy Lash Extra Strong Professional Eyelash Extension Glue holds your lashes in place for hours and is a popular choice of many lash extension stylists. The new advanced formula has an extended life span that lasts as long as seven weeks,  so your eyes are in for a treat for a long time!

Extra Strong Eyelash Extension Glue - Stacy Lash (0.17fl.oz / 5ml) / 0.5-1 Sec Drying time/Retention – 7 Weeks/Maximum Bonding Power/Black Adhesive for Semi-Permanent Extensions/Professional Supplies
  • ✅ Caution! This adhesive is meant for Salon Use Only. Please Never use it for Self-Application or with clusters or strip lashes! Please Read the Product Description carefully, using this product Against its Instructions May Cause Reactions. If you are not a professional lash artist, please contact us and we will issue a full refund for your order.
  • ✅ Extra Strong — thanks to the new advanced formula this eyelash extension glue has an incredible retention power, with eyelash extensions lasting up to 7 weeks. Strongest bonding and longest retention period on the market. This lash extension glue is the best choice for advanced lash extension stylists.
  • ✅ Fast dry time — 0.5-1 seconds. This eyelash adhesive has been designed for highly skilled lash artists, fast dry time helps to speed up eyelash extension procedures. The best humidity range to work with Extra Strong Glue is RH 50-70%.
  • ✅Sealed package and glue needle — we take care of our clients, having packed the Stacy Lash Extra Strong eyelash extension glue in a special sealed package with silica gel and red glue needle inside to preserve maximum glue freshness before it is opened and significantly extend the life of adhesive after bottle opening (up to two months)
  • ✅ 100% Money-back guarantee — if you are not 100% satisfied, just contact us and we will do our best for you. The mission of the Stacy Lash brand is to provide the eyelash extension experts with superior quality and premium grade materials to give ultimate highlight to the beauty of the eyes of your clients.

The super-high drying time is just 0.5-1 second, so you never have to wait! It has adjusted itself to humidity seamlessly, where it records an RH of 50-70%. The sealed package has been infused with silica gel and a red glue needle to keep its freshness intact. It may cause a reaction if you go against its instructions, so let the professional handle it!


  • Feels lightweight 
  • The thin formula for quicker application 
  • Never been tested on animals 
  • It does not contain latex or formaldehyde 
  • It takes just 0.5-1 second to dry 
  • It has over 11k reviews on Amazon
  • Lasting power of seven weeks
  • Possess high flexibility for smooth retention
  • Strong bonding specialty 
  • It can go on for about two months after opening the bottle 
  • Works in humidity as well
  • Certified by ISO 
  • Added components in the pack to preserve its freshness 
  • It prevents allergies and other reactions 


  • It has got an overpowering smell. 
  • The fumes are very disturbing. 

Lonris Premium Eyelash Extension Glue

Designed with high-quality ingredients, the Lonris Premium Eyelash Extension Glue is all about creating a professional look for you in seconds! Thanks to its handy and slim bottle, it is easy to apply without making a mess. The bonding power offers a firm grip on your lashes and lasts as long as seven to eight weeks. The formula has a thin consistency and dries into an invisible finish, so your eyes look well-defined and imperfect. 

7-8 weeks Retention/ 2D-6D Russian Volume Eyelash Extension Glue/Extreme Pro Adhesive LONRIS Lash 5 ml/ 1 Sec Drying time/Maximum Bonding/Semi-Permanent Supplies/Professional Use Only Black
  • 💗MEGA STRONG & LONG-LASTING – Lonris eyelash extension glue has the latest advanced formula with incredible bonding power that last up to 8 weeks. Strongest bonding and longest retention period on the market of eyelash extensions. This eye lash extension glue is the best choice for advanced lash extension stylists.
  • 💗QUICK DRY TIME - Our Extreme Pro Adhesive has a super quick drying time of 1 second only. It is ideal for Classic and 2D-6D Russian Volume individual eyelash extensions. Each eyelash extension will be well-bonded and your clients will keep coming back.
  • 💗 TESTED BY LASH INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS – All Lonris Lash products have been tested and positively approved by over 100 Eyelash Extension Stylists. So you can be assured that you are in safe hands with us.
  • 💗 DESIGNED AND FORMULATED in the UK – Lonris Eyelash Extension Glues are designed in London and made by our production team in Korea. We have strict quality control and regular review systems to provide you the best reliable and quality eyelash extension supplies.
  • 💗 SATISFACTION - We stand behind our professional eyelash extension glue. In the unlikely event that you do have an issue, contact us and we'll do everything to make it right. We answer your messages within 12 hours. Add to Cart!

If you are tensed about getting rashes, or any other unwelcoming thing, take a gasp of relief, for it is free from latex and formaldehyde. The flexibility is unbeatable so that you never feel awkward wearing it. If you have a special event planned out and wish to look flawless, we suggest you should go with this one and see for yourself how it hooks you. 


  • The formula takes just 1-2 seconds to dry 
  • It lasts seven to eight weeks 
  • It comes with enhanced flexibility 
  • High bonding power is best for advanced stylists 
  • Tested and approved by over 100 lash extensions stylists 
  • Designed with top-notch ingredients
  • It does not contain harsh elements like latex or formaldehyde 
  • Can withstand temperatures up to 80 degrees Fahrenheit 
  • It ensures fast application 
  • Has incredible retention power
  • It has a thin consistency 


  • You need to help of experts to use this. 

Venus Visage Professional Eyelash Extension Glue

If you ask around some professional lash artists, you will be delighted to know that they are in love with the eyelash extension or normal go-to lashes glue from Venus Visage Professional! Users have been getting addicted to its waterproof formula, which gives you utmost precision during the application. The bond takes one to two seconds to dry up without leaving any ugly trace. The tired and tested formula has been a staple of many beauty experts and makeup divas and has garnered over 4k reviews on Amazon alone.

VENUS VISAGE Eyelash Glue for Professional Lash Extensions - Extra Strong Lash Glue 5ml - 1-2 Sec Dry Time & 6-7 Weeks Bonding - Extra Black Lash Adhesive - Latex Free Lash Adhesive(5ml)
  • ✅ FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY!!! This eyelash extension glue is for professional lash artists only! If you are not a professional lash artist who uses this glue to apply to clients eyelashes, please DO NOT purchase. This Glue should NEVER EVER be used for self application.
  • ✅ FAST DRY TIME: 1-2 seconds.Extremely short drying times, save huge time for you and provide more efficient service to your customers. This premium individual eyelash glue is best used for Volume lashes but can also be used for Classic lashes.
  • ✅ STRONGEST BONDING STRENGTH: This advanced formula of eyelash extension glue has an extra-long life span and insane retention power. Eyelash extensions will last from 6-7 weeks, making this glue the strongest bonding and longest retention on the market today. This lash extension glue is the best choice for advanced lash extension stylists alike.
  • ✅ QUALITY ASSURANCE: Our glue is FORMALDEHYDE-FREE and LATEX-FREE. We protect you and your clients by providing products of only the highest premium quality. Which meet the standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.
  • ✅ The mission of the Venus Visage brand is to provide superior quality lash extension supplies and premium grade materials. Buy eyelash extension supplies, lashes extension supplies with confidence!

It comes in pure black color and accommodates all types of skin complexions with finesse. The brand takes pride in its designed formula, for it offers all users a cray retention power that goes up to six to seven weeks before you run out of it. It takes just one to two seconds to get tacky and dries in the blink of an eye!


  • Fast drying time of 1-2 seconds 
  • Uses high-quality ingredients 
  • The formula is devoid of latex and formaldehyde 
  • They come with an extra-long life span 
  • Possess elevated retention power 
  • They last six to seven weeks 
  • Glue has high flexibility 
  • Certified by ISO 
  • It gives a very firm grip to the lashes 
  • Resistant to water 
  • Does not leave any trace 


  • Individuals can never use it on their own for self-application. 
  • The quantity is a bit less according to the price paid. 
  • The formula may not sit well with sensitive skin. 

Pro Care Strong Eyelash Extension Glue 

The lash glue options are expanding more and more in the industry, all thanks to the innovative ideas of professionals. The Pro Care Strong Eyelash Extension Glue 

It is one such product! It reflects creativity through its powerful retention ability, which you will surely want! With an economical price structure, the lash glue has an advanced formula curated specially by certified lash extension technicians to give your eyes the defined look they deserve. It has been recorded as the glue, offering the Longest Retention Period On The Market, which has won the product many approvals from users.

Pro Care Strong Eyelash Extension Glue - Forabeli 5ml / 1-2 Sec Drying time/Retention 8 Weeks/Procare Black Lash Adhesive/Professional Use Only
  • ✅ Advanced Formula - Procare Eyelash Extension Glue Has Been Formulated To Provide The Best Performance. This Glue Is Designed For Professional Use By Certified Lash Extension Technicians. CAUTION: Strictly use with the eyes completely shut until the glue dries out on the lashes to avoid fume-to-eye contact. Not intended to use for direct skin and eye contact.
  • ✅ Longest Retention Period On The Market - This Eyelashes Extension Glue Has An Incredible Retention Power, Bonding Lasts Up To 8 Weeks Under Proper Application And Aftercare. This Lash Extension Glue Is The Best Choice For Advanced Lash Extension Technicians.
  • ✅ Safe Aluminum Package With Pro-care Glue, Glue Pallet, Silica Gel And Red Needle To Preserve Maximum Glue Freshness Before It Is Opened And Significantly Extend The Life Of Adhesive After Bottle Opening.
  • ✅ Formaldehyde-free And Latex-free - Our Lash Extension Supplies Have Been Tested And Approved To Standard Iso 9001:2015, Iso 14001:2015 And Itqa Approved. It Complies With Hazardous Product Safety Standards Stipulated By The Law On The Registration And Evaluation Of Chemicals By S.i. C-a08b-d00030001-a170.
  • ✅ Risk-free 100% Money Back Guarantee – If You Are Not Completely Satisfied, Simply Contact Us And We Will Give You A Full Refund, No Questions Asked! The Mission Of The Forabeli Brand Is To Provide Superior Quality Lash Extension Supplies And Premium Grade Materials. Buy Eyelash Extension Supplies With Confidence! WARNING: FOR EXPERIENCED PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY! DO NOT USE THE PRODUCT FOR SELF-APPLICATION!, THIS MAY CAUSE EYE BURNING OR IRRITATION!

It helps beautify the natural blink of your eyes with its safe aluminum packaging, which works hard to keep the liquid preserved and fresh for a reasonable amount of time. So next time your lashes complain about not sticking correctly, go and get yourself some magic of this glue, for it claims to get your job done!


  • It has good retention power
  • Lasts up to eight weeks 
  • Packed with Pro-care Glue, Glue Pallet, Silica Gel, And Red Needle to ensure the freshness is preserved
  • Approved by both ISO and ITQA
  • Devoid of latex and formaldehyde 
  • Easily adapts to 40-70% humidity 
  • It possesses superior flexibility 
  • It takes one to two seconds to dry


  • The thin consistency may not be suitable for everyone. 
  • It can be used by professionals only. 
  • The glue does not work with cluster or strip lashes.

Eyelash Extension Glue Extra Strong Hold

The brand Flow Lash believes strongly in going with the flow, so it launched its Eyelash Extension Glue, formulated with many professionals’ trusted touch. Promising an extra strong hold to all its customers, this formula is an effortless way to give your extensions the maintenance they need! It makes your lashes look more believable with a composition created with premium-grade ingredients and does not contain latex or formaldehyde.

Eyelash Extension Glue Extra Strong Hold 10ml | 2s Dry Time + Lasts Up to 8 Wks | Formulated for Professionals
  • THE SEARCH IS OVER - We know that you've been searching for that one "perfect" lash glue so that you can better serve your clients. We want to help. Our signature formula was tested with the top best lashes artist around the world to get the glue perfect JUST for YOU.
  • EASY TO USE - Formulated for both beginners and long time professionals in mind. Shake, drop, dip, and apply!
  • LONG LASTING HOLD - Once our eyelash extension glue holds on to your clients eyelashes, the individual lash does not let go
  • FAST DRY TIME! - We know what every lash artists want. Quick dry time so you can move fast and make your clients happy. Be Careful what you wish for, because you just might get it!
  • GO WITH THE FLOW - Going with the flow stands for trying out our product RISK-FREE. How? Because we stand by each and every products. If you by any chance are not 100% satisfied, we will guarantee your money back. No questions asked!

It takes an impressive 2 seconds to dry out completely and can last up to eight weeks. Many before and after reviews suggest that the brand’s signature formula is perfectly suitable for sensitive skin and contains only clean ingredients! If you are not in the mood to hit the salon, you would be excited to know that this glue can be applied by beginners and will save you some extra bucks!


  • It has not been tested on animals 
  • Free of latex and formaldehyde 
  • ISO Certified 
  • The formula can be used by both beginners and professional artists 
  • Hugs your lashes with a tight grip
  • It takes just 2 seconds to dry 
  • Made with premium grade ingredients 
  • Lasts up to eight weeks 
  • Suitable for sensitive skin as well. 

best Eyelash Glue For Extensions


  • The effects may not be long-lasting. 
  • The lash glue from Flow Lash frequently remains unavailable. 

EMEDA Eyelash Glue for False Lashes 

If there’s anything we love, it’s the most sought-after beauty products that are cheaper. Lucky for you, the EMEDA Eyelash Glue for False Lashes ticks these checkboxes! 

The demand for this product has skyrocketed after people realized it possesses a lasting power of 24 hours, which prevents you from doing unnecessary touchups. The water-proof glue was available in a plastic bottle, which has now been proudly upgraded to a sleek cylinder with a more expensive vibe.

EMEDA Eyelash Glue for False Lashes Super Strong Hold Long Lasting 24H Waterproof Latex Free Best Lash Glue Eyes Strip White Clear Lash Adhesive 5ml 0.17oz
  • PROFESSIONAL CLEAR EYELASH GLUE:EMEDA super strong hold eyelash adhesive is a professional false eyelash glue used to apply eyelashes. It is the best strip eyelash glue.
  • GENTLE GLUE FORMULA: Free of formaldehyde and latex eyelash glue.
  • STRONG ADHESION AND HOLD: Waterproof eyelash glue for strip lashes. 24hr lash glue with long-lasting holding power and secured for last all day long!
  • EASILY APPLICATION AND REMOVED:Brush lash adhesive on false eyelashes and wait. When you see the eyelash adhesive become clear. The lash is ready to apply to your lash line.
  • 100% SATISFACTORY SERVICE: If you have any problem with the white eyelash glue, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help.

The formula dries the 20s faster and has a thin brush so it won’t form clumps. It is free of formaldehyde and latex, and you won’t face any extra fuss to remove it! The glue gives you two color options to choose from, that is white and black, while its strong adhesive makes you feel secure all day!


  • The formula comes in two different colors black and clear white
  • Available at a super affordable price 
  • Resistant to water 
  • It has almost 8k reviews on Amazon
  • Ensures safety and stability 
  • It comes with a thin brush to prevent the usage of too much product unnecessarily. 
  • The composition is free of latex and formaldehyde 
  • Strong holding power till 24 hours 
  • It is a hypoallergenic formula 
  • Prevents any clumping 
  • Easy to apply and remove 
  • It comes in sleek, luxurious-looking packaging 


  • The adhesive is not very strong. 
  • It may not go well with sensitive skin. 

LASHVIEW Individual Lash Glue

Eyelash application can be tricky, especially if you have the wrong formula in your arsenal! Thankfully, we have got out eyes on the LASHVIEW Individual Lash Glue, for it promises all clients to give their eyes a satisfying holding power that stays loyal for two to three weeks! With a bunch of promising reviews of over 2k on Amazon, the product has garnered a lot of attention from users who are going for this for its flexible formula.

LASHVIEW Individual Lash Glue,DIY Eyelash Extension Glue,Black Eyelash Glue Adhesive for Cluster Lashes,10ML
  • DIY YOUR LASH EXTENSIONS—— Odorless, low-burn and waterproof.Perfect DIY eyelash glue for beginners and sensitive eyes! With extension glue your lashes will stay intact - perfect natural look!
  • SAFE FORMULA and LOW FUME——The diy eyelash extension glue is gentle, low-irritating, suitable for sensitive people, reduces potential effect on allergic clients. and also has no pungent smell, which makes the eyes not uncomfortable during use.
  • DRY TIME AND ULTIMATE RETENTION TIME——LASHVIEW individual eyelash glue does not clump, dries up in 3 - 5 seconds. This eyelash glue for lash extensions has ultra bonding power, with mink lash extensions lasting up to 2-3 weeks, which is a good hold time for a sensitive eyes adhesive.
  • SEALED PACKAGE AND GLUE NEEDLE——We take care of our clients, having packed the individual eyelash extension glue in a special sealed package with silica gel and red glue needle inside to preserve maximum glue freshness before it is opened and significantly extend the life of adhesive after bottle opening (up to two months)
  • LIFETIME MANUFACTURER’S GUARANTE——To prove how confident we are in our product, we offer a lifetime money back guarantee with every purchase! If you are not completely satisfied with your lashes, we will refund your purchase with no exception! Click the Add to Cart Button Now! We offer you the best one!

The best part about this is that the glue is sweatproof and waterproof, so you can take a quick splash in the pool if the summer is killing you and still get out of the water with your pretty wispy lashes intact! Designed with premium mink fur, the glue takes 3-5 seconds to dry and comes packed with silica gel and a red glue needle. This enhances the longevity and freshness of the product so that you don’t do frequent errands to the drugstore. 


  • Designed with mink fur
  • It takes just three to five seconds to dry 
  • It can be used by individuals and beginners
  • Works up to 40-60% humidity 
  • The smell is not pungent as compared to other lash glue for extensions 
  • Sensitive eyes-friendly composition 
  • Resistant to both sweat and water 
  • It has ultra bonding power and does not clump
  • There are fewer fumes involved 
  • It gives a stronghold 
  • Free of latex 


  • The retention is of only two to three weeks. 

Super Strong Eyelash Extension Glue 

Do you know why your fake lashes aren’t sticking how you want them to be? While a good lash glue can amp up the depth of your eyes, a bad one can ruin it easily. This calls for investing in reliable lash glues like the Super Strong Eyelash Extension Glue that will remain beside you like a true friend! The formula has a drying time of just 1-2 seconds, so you never have to spend minutes trying to dry them.

Volume Eyelash Extension Glue Stacy Lash 0.17 fl.oz/ 5 ml - 3 Sec Dry time - Retention 6 Weeks - Professional Use Only Strong Black Adhesive/Individual Semi-Permanent Extensions Supplies - Latex Free
  • ✅ Caution! This adhesive is meant for Salon Use Only. Please Never use it for Self-Application or with clusters or strip lashes! Please Read the Product Description carefully, using this product Against its Instructions May Cause Reactions. If you are not a professional lash artist, please contact us and we will issue a full refund for your order.
  • ✅ Classic and volume — Stacy Lash Volume eyelash extension glue has been specially designed for classic and volume lashes. This glue is perfectly suited for individual classic eyelash extensions, Russian volume lashes 2d , 3d , 4d , 5d and Hollywood volume lashes. Convenience in making fans and high flexibility will make this eyelash adhesive your go-to product.
  • ✅ Dry time and power — 3-4 seconds. This eyelash extension adhesive has ultra-bonding power, with lash extensions lasting up to 4-6 weeks. It is also a very good choice for beginners and intermediate lash artists level.
  • ✅ Sealed package and glue needle — We take care of our clients, having packed the Stacy Lash Extra Strong eyelash extension glue in a special sealed package with silica gel and red glue needle inside to preserve maximum glue freshness before it is opened and significantly extend the life of adhesive after bottle opening (up to two months)
  • ✅ 100% Money-back guarantee — if you are not 100% satisfied, just contact us and we will do our best for you. The mission of the Stacy Lash brand is to provide the eyelash extension experts with superior quality and premium grade materials to give ultimate highlight to the beauty of the eyes of your clients.

These perfect tools for makeup technicians are a real boon, for it brings a retention power of six to seven weeks, so you don’t have to fear losing out on your favorite beauty essential! Rated as Amazon’s Choice, these glossy black lashes have been approved by the ITQA and keep the glue fresh for a long. Achieve that natural eye looks by keeping your skin safe by adding them to your regimen, for it’s cleaner than you can imagine!


  • Dries in just 1 to 2 seconds 
  • It has low viscosity, which ensures zero clumping 
  • Super retention that lasts as much as seven weeks, 
  • Black color blends in beautifully with natural lashes 
  • It comes with a silver pouch to keep the second bottle fresh 
  • Officially approved by ITQA
  • Silica supports the bag moisture-free
  • The pouch is reusable 
  • It is a cruelty-free composition 
  • Free of latex and formaldehyde 


  • This is not suitable for self-application 
  • It does not work well with strip or cluster lashes. 

Lilly Lashes Clear Eyelash Glue

What all users love the most about the Lilly Lashes Clear Eyelash Glue is that it dries into a clear finish, making the formula almost invisible on your makeup. The glue has a brush-on formula, making it the perfect tool for beginners. There is no chance of getting any reactions or other unwanted situations, as the clean formula boasts a blend devoid of latex, parabens, and sulfate. It promises a superior hold, so your lashes stay in place without budging.

Lilly Lashes Clear Eyelash Glue, Brush On Lash Glue for False Eyelashes, Eyelash Extension Glue for Fake Eyelashes and Natural, Wispy Lashes, Clear Glue Lash Brush, Latex Free Lash Supplies
  • Clear Eyelash Glue: Created with safe and gentle ingredients, this latex free, quick dry, clear finish adhesive is the perfect pair to any lash.
  • Brush on Applicator: Ultra-thin precision lash brush which allows for even application of clear & latex free lash glue.
  • Pair with Any Fake Eyelashes: Use with Lilly Lashes false lashes for the perfect wispy lashes or any other lashes you have! Our clear formula allows our lash extension glue to work with any false eyelashes. Does not pair with magnetic eyelashes.
  • Easy to Apply Eyelash Adhesive: Carefully remove lashes from packaging, measure the lash to your eye shape, and trim the excess from the end of the band. Apply an even layer of lash adhesive to the lash and allow 30 seconds for adhesive to get tacky. Next, place the eyelashes in the middle of your lash line, secure the outer corner and then the inner corner.
  • Quality, Innovation, and Style: These are the promises Lilly Lashes will always deliver on. Go ahead, try a pair of Lilly Lashes false lashes and eyelash glue for yourself and step up your eye glam forever.

The product is a personal favorite of many Hollywood celebrities, who rely on this lash glue for its water-proof formula, which has been made of safe, clean, and vegan ingredients. Just take a splurge of the recipe, apply a nice layer, and wait for 30 seconds until it gives you the best hold of your life! Feel free to pair it with your everyday mascara to add more drama. 


  • Preferred by many lash professionals, and Hollywood celebs 
  • It comes in a sultry aqua shade 
  • The formula is resistant to water 
  • Free of harsh ingredients like latex, paraben, and sulfate
  • Entirely vegan 
  • It looks best with 3D mink, lite mink, 3D faux mink, lite faux mink 
  • Does not irritate your skin
  • Perfect for sensitive or allergy-prone skin
  • Never been tested on animals 
  • Transparent finish adhesive suits with different lash types
  • Uses clean and gentle ingredients 
  • The brush-on applicator makes application easy 


  • You cannot pair it with magnetic lashes 
  • The formula is not waterproof 

CICI Lash Diamond Clear Eyelash Extension Glue

According to Best Professional Eyelash Extension Glue 2022 reviews, this eyelash extension glue from CICI Lash is the best way to make your lashes look instantly fuller! The unique diamond formula features a drying time of 1-2 seconds and promises a retention ability that will last you six to seven weeks effortlessly. This formula brings you the ultimate high-performance attribute for all those clients who want to dive into the next-level treatment.

Diamond Clear Eyelash Extension Glue - Forabeli 5ml Crystal Clear Strong Lash Adhesive for Professional Use | Semi Permanent Classic and Volume Eyelash Extensions | 2-3 sec Drying | 6 Week Retention
  • ✅ TRANSPARENT and VERSATILE - This clear lash extension glue is for different styling of eyelashes extensions, for brown or colored lashes. Best use for pigmented lashes that give style and vibrant look. It can be used with black lashes as well. CAUTION: Strictly use with the eyes completely shut until the glue dries out on the lashes to avoid fume-to-eye contact. Not intended to use for direct skin and eye contact.
  • ✅ SEAMLESS and QUICK-DRYING - Composed of a light liquid consistency with a moderate curing time of 2-3 seconds. It blends effortlessly with natural lashes, leaving no residue and no clumping of eye lash extensions.
  • ✅ EXTRA STRONG RETENTION - The glue composition remains intact up to 6 weeks! It works and bonds as strong as black pigment glues. It is flexible to use with individual extensions or making fans. It is waterproof and sweat-proof.
  • ✅ CARBON BLACK FREE The absence of black pigment reduces irritation which is best suitable for clients with sensitive eyes. It makes it easier to be used by professional lash technicians to create a natural or light makeup look.
  • ✅ FORMALDEHYDE and LATEX FREE - Our lash extension supplies have been tested and approved to standard ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ITQA approved. WARNING: DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT FOR SELF-APPLICATION ! IT MAY CAUSE EYE IRRITATION OR BURNING. FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY!

The adhesive has been infused with an amplified elasticity that will take the bonding strength up a notch. The composition does not involve latex or formaldehyde, which makes it a perfect go-to solution for all makeup divas. Many lash technicians have certified the premium adhesive and will100% complement your skin type! You would be happy to know that the formula is waterproof, so hurrah! 


  • Strong retention power of seven to eight weeks 
  • Fast drying formula in just 1-2 seconds 
  • It comes in a pleasing diamond clear color 
  • Water-ressitant formula 
  • Increased strength of the bonding 
  • Very forgiving in humid temperature 
  • Vegan composition
  • It does not have any nasties present 
  • Never been tested on animals 
  • Free of latex and formaldehyde 


  • The pricing is a bit on the higher side. 
  • Not suitable for strip or cluster lashes. 
  • It cannot be self-applied. 
  • The formula may irritate some users. 

Lyon Lash Professional Eyelash Extension Glue

If you also had to try sticking your falsies at least ten times before they came off, welcome to the club! While there are a lot of ways attaching extensions can turn into a disaster, the Lyon Lash Professional Eyelash Extension Glue brings you a surprise worth owning space in your beauty cabinet! This glue contains no nasty substances that may mess with the delicateness of your eyes and steer clear of irritation.

Extra Powerful Eyelash Extension Glue - Lyon Lash 5ml Performance Glue | 1-2 Sec Dry Time | 6-8 Weeks Retention | Black Adhesive Supplies for Professional Use
  • Extra Strong Bonding Power w/ Low Fume – Lyon Lash Extra Hold Eyelash Extension Glue is our best performing glue thanks to our latest glue formula. It not only maximizes the bonding strength, but also helps to keep the fume low and non-irritative.
  • 1-2 Seconds Drying Time, 6-8 Weeks Retention Period – Developed for Professional Lash Artists to bond lash in an instant, the eyelash extension glue dries in 1-2 seconds. The glue holds up to a maximum of 2 months, your clients will love it and keep coming back!
  • Designed and Formulated in USA – Lyon Lash Eyelash Extension Glues are designed in Los Angeles and made by our partners in Korea. We have strict quality control and regular review systems to provide you the best reliable and quality eyelash extensions products.
  • Chosen by Lash Industry Professionals – All Lyon Lash products are positively reviewed by over 10000 Eyelash Extension Professionals. We aim to empower all eye lashes extension professionals by providing you the best quality products you need.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed – A strong bond eyelash extension glue can provide an incredible experience for eyelashes extension. Be careful that this glue is only recommended for certified lash artists and not intended for self-applications. We promise delightful moments for you and your valuable clients. Your messages are always answered within 1-2 business days for any support. Add to Cart!

Users who used this product claimed that it has a unique fast-drying formula that hardly takes a second or two to give your extensions a seamless and huggable hold. It has received approval from many lash experts and has never been tested on animals. The sophisticated bottle jar has an anti-clog cap to ensure it remains airtight. It also has a metal pin, so you can reuse it without spending more thought.  


  • Higher humidity enhances faster dyeing 
  • It takes just 1-2 seconds to dry 
  • It gives an ultra hold and makes your lashes look voluminous 
  • It comes with a maximized bonding strength 
  • It comes with an anti-clog cap for reuse purposes 
  • Lasts up to six to eight weeks 
  • Reviewed by over 10000 lash professionals, and experts 
  • Non-irritating formula 
  • Vegan, cruelty-free 
  • Free of latex, formaldehyde, and petrochemical 


  • It is not suitable for self-application, as it can burn your skin. 
  • Fumes may cause allergic reactions in some users. 

FAQs | Best Eyelash Glue For Extensions

What eyelash glue lasts the longest?

If your goal is to get an impressive retention power strong enough to stay with you, then the Lonris Premium Eyelash Extension Glue fits the description perfectly. It offers eight weeks of retention and flexibility, so you are in good hands. 

Where to buy Eyelash Glue for extensions?

You can easily find all the branded and most-talked-about lash glue for extensions on Amazon. Or, if you choose to know more about each product, you can visit their official website directly and place your order from there. Look out for sales, and you might avail yourself of a splashing discount. 

Can you use eyelash glue for extensions?

Yes, you can use eyelash glue for extensions. However, there are some pointers one might need to take care of. Ensure the eyelash extensions are attached with a glue formula that does not irritate your skin or mess up its delicateness. Irrespective of the material the lashes are made of, they should be waterproof, and the surgical glue should be designed to withstand sweat and oil. Medical-grade adhesives are considered to be a golden option. 

best Eyelash Glue For Extensions

What glue do lash technicians use?

Lash technicians are fond of an ingredient called Ethyl Cyanoacrylate. This is commonly used in lash adhesives. Especially the ethyl variety of cyanoacrylate is used, as it has a thicker consistency than the rest and sticks better. 

What do professionals use for lash extensions?

Professionals generally use semi-permanent glue to apply those individual lash extensions to your lash line. The material chosen is very dynamic. They can be synthetic, mink, faux, or silk. 

Why is my lash extension glue not sticking?

If you are getting yourself some new lash extensions with the help of professionals, make sure you are in a room of optimal humidity and temperature. If the humidity fluctuates, like it’s too low or too high, it will not live up to its regular drying time. This will cause the joint between the lashes to fall apart, and they won’t last long. Also, too much heat in the room will disturb the quality of the glue. 

best Eyelash Glue For Extensions

Is lash extension glue dangerous?

There is a potential risk the eyelash glue can hamper your eyes, especially if they contain latex or formaldehyde. If the bond gets inside the eyes during applications by mistake, it can scratch the corneal crust and lead to scarring. Certain glue vapors can cause a burning sensation or itchiness as well. If you have sensitive skin, your eyes may be prone to allergic reactions in such cases. So it is always advisable to take the help of professionals when lashing extension applications. 

What are the requisites for eyelash glue for extension ingredients?

The Eyelash Extension Glue Ingredients usually include Ethyl Cyanoacrylate Poly (Methyl Methacrylate), Hydroquinone, and Carbon Black. 


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