Sistaco Nail Reviews | Minimalist Trend To Exotic Nails?

“Great nails don’t happen by chance. They happen by appointment.” Do you know what’s popular among nail artists now? Making short nails look big! So if you previously thought you weren’t good enough to get this moody treatment, we come with good news! A long winter or a never-ending summer, and all the seasons brewing their magic in between, call for a high-spirited nail pamper sesh, probably with fuzzy tones, cool hues, and glittery glam.

Valentine’s day or not, nail art is an inspiring form of love in itself, and this brand is here to claim that. According to Sistaco Nail Reviews, the brand offers you its humble mineral powder nails, ranging from snowy themes to hot chocolate enamels to try out. After all, you are never fully dressed without a good manicure!

Sistaco Nail Reviews

Audrey Hepburn believed in manicures, and we have word; that you do too! From the plethora of seemingly good options, Sistaco has made its mark, assuring all its clients that its products have not been tested on animals and are safe to use on nails. They offer gradient shades of colors you never knew existed that you can swirl up and create something sensational for your hands.

We asked users, and they said that treating their nails to these shades was their ideal beauty routine. But is there any substantial proof we can present you with? Is the brand as transparent as it seems in reality? Let us dig deep to unveil it all! 

Sistaco Nail Reviews | Minimalist Trend To Exotic Nails?

Women, and nails, are like Dory and Marlin. You can’t find one without the other, as each one adds the essence of life to the other. So you must please your beauty stash by incorporating some mood-reviving tones! In a world where nail polish is considered outdated, people prefer fancy nail strips and dip powders. But while some types of powders charm up your nails, others might make them gloomy, and we want to avoid that. 

Sistaco is a nail lover, and the brand has stepped in to save you from the unpleasant chances that you are putting your nails at risk when you opt for random dip powders. Here, you can vamp up your look without hampering the quality of your nails. Don’t believe us? Reviews from users are saying otherwise!

Have you ever stayed up late, or slept with your nail paint on, only to wake up and see that you have ruined all those efforts by accidentally smudging it off? It happened to us too! Nail powders are the new bling, and Sistaco adds more icing on the cake with its mineral bond system! These are unlike the harmful plastic powders used in dip, which can have a harsh effect on your nilas and protect your cuticles and nail crust.

If you think it’s too good to be true, many users shared their opinion, and most had good things to say. Some complained, and some praised. But is that all there is to know before you dive?

If we love anything, it’s some minutes of glamping up, especially when you feel like not doing anything. Spritzing up your nails with this hottest trend can leave you with a shiny french tip and make you fall in love with them from head to toe. Because what’s there not to like? Or, is there?!

How to apply 

Sistaco offers a detailed guide on elaborately applying their different types of powders. Their nail powders, holographic powders, and metallic powders have unique procedures you may need to carry out if you want to see a great pattern and salon-like nails. 


  • Vegan composition 
  • Never been tested on animals 
  • It gives a professional finish to your nails 
  • It does not contain any toxic elements in their formula 
  • The formula of the powder does not harm the skin
  • Incredible lasting power of two weeks
  • Mineral-based nail powder
  • Ergonomic bond applicator 
  • It comes in a plethora of different colors to choose from 
  • Compliments all skin tones
  • The dusting brush wipes off excess powder 
  • It gives a smoother application 
  • Three different types of finish offered 


  • There is a rare chance of users facing a burning sensation or allergies 
  • The price of these powders is a bit expensive, according to the quantity offered by the brand.
  • The curing lamp tends to come off quickly.  

How to remove it?

Excess Remover Method 

  • Gently buff the surface of your color to eliminate the top coat
  • Avoid contact with your skin and apply a coat of Express Remover carefully
  • Give it two to three minutes until the color stops bubbling 
  • With the help of a remover tool, scrub off the color
  • Wipe off any residue left behind 
  • You can repeat steps 2 and 3 if you feel you need them. 

100% Acetone Method 

  • Using a soft hand, buff away the surface of the color to get rid of the top coat.
  • Saturate a cotton ball with 100% acetone solution 
  • Hold the ball gently against the nail, and keep still for about 60 seconds 
  • Repeat the above process if you require you need to repeat it
  • Wipe off the unwanted residue left behind 
  • Think about the next color you want!

Alternative to Sistaco Mineral Bond Powders

AZUREBEAUTY 6 Colors Classic Nude Collection Skin Tone Glitter Pastel Dipping Powder 

Unlike Sistaco, a mineral-based bond powder, the Dip Powder set from AZUREBEAUTY is purely in the form of dip powder. However, it has still managed to attract people’s attention with its flexible formula, which stays on your nails for more than twenty-one days, and amplifies your beauty. Unlike other acrylics, which tend to feel very hard and rough on your delicate nails, this one is a blend of nourishing effects of calcium and vitamins, which make sure the glossy sheen of their formula looks stunning on people of any kind of complexion.

Dip Powder Nail Set, AZUREBEAUTY 6 Colors Classic Nude Collection Skin Tone Glitter Pastel Dipping Powder Starter Kit French Nail Art Manicure DIY Salon Home Gifts for Women, No Need Nail Lamp Cured
  • Perfect Dip Powder Set: AZUREBEAUTY dip powder nail kit included well-selected 6 colors classic nude collection, suitable for all seasons and daily routine life, party, travel, wedding, etc. Flawless coverage these premium dip powder and your nail would look brilliant shine finish, lightweight and more attractive, you will look naturally gorgeous and beautiful.
  • Healthy & Nail-Friendly: AZUREBEAUTY dipping powder is made of Non-irritating ingredients, unique healthy formula complex of rich calcium and vitamins, which is paraben & cruelty free, safe & harmless & non-odor, would not damage your nail bed and available for air-dry. But please avoiding prolonged contact with skin.
  • Superior Quality & Long Lasting: AZUREBEAUTY dip powder nail kit is long-lasting and anti-chipping, anti-peel off. The color is full and natural looking, light and has an impeccable shine finish. It can keep the nail art gorgeous and shiny for more than about 21 days if proper application.
  • No Need Nail Lamp Curing & Easy Application: AZUREBEAUTY dip powder nail starter kit doesn't need LED nail lamp to cure, dry faster and skin-friendly, which can avoid turning skin black and damaging nails. Easy to apply, suitable for beginners and professional nail salons.
  • REMINDER: 1. Avoid direct contact with skin, remove immediately if you feel any discomfort. 2. The effection of dip powder will be showing differently in different people, 2~3 base coat while using will be the best 3. There might be unexpected issues happen during shipping, If you have any problems, contact us directly, we promise to offer a satisfactory service.

Just like in Sistaco, you can mix the colors you like together to create something you want to see on your fingers. You can do this by being in the comfort of your home, so no spending heavily on those money-sucking salons! If you have second thoughts about safety, their formula is cruelty-free and free from toxic elements. 


  • It has over 18k reviews on Amazon.
  • You can personalize your color just like in Sistaco
  • The shiny luster lasts for more than twenty-one days 
  • Very much affordable 
  • It does not chip or peels off from the nails 
  • It offers 6 different collections, posing 6 different shades of each 
  • Perfect for all kinds of occasion
  • The formula is rich in calcium and vitamins 
  • There is no need for nail lamp curing 
  • Fast-drying formula 
  • The composition is skin-friendly, safe to use
  • Perfect for beginners and professionals 
  • Never been tested on animals 
  • Free of parabens, alcohol, and odor 

Sistaco Nail alternatives


  • It is complicated to remove the formula from your nails. 

Why Choose Sistaco Nail? 

Three stunning finishes 

All that glitters is Sistaco! That’s right. Sistaco has been dazzling manicure lovers with its sensational Holographic and Metallic products, which form a lustrous finish or leave your nails addicted to dome glittery magic. And that’s not all. The brand stresses that shine and luminosity are not what they are all about. There are 100 shades in their Powder collection, which they claim every user can get obsessed with. The variety of colors ranges from fine nudes of beige tones to warm undertones. 

Blend-like butter 

Things are better when you can customize them, isn’t it? The brand has been careful o follow this narrative and gives you an ocean of breathtaking shades. You can mix them and make your shades. Are you thinking about going for three at once? We say as you like it! 

It’s here to stay

Unlike the ruse of dipping powders made of finely ground plastic materials, Sistaco focuses on bringing you a full-on composition of minerals. The effects have a retention power that will accentuate the beauty of your hands for two weeks. Even if you damage it, you don’t need to apply it repeatedly and spend more product! At Sistaco, you can just top up your manicure without removing all of it. Thanks to the ripe benefits of their mineral-based powder system!

Quick like lightning! 

Switch some buttons and boom! Your nails will automatically start looking flawless, as they have just been out of a tub of soft colors! Even if you get bored of your style, you can switch it in a matter of minutes, unlike the sweaty task of using a nail remover to remove that lacquer, giving yourself double coats, and waiting for them to dry in the air! This brand not only makes your job easier but saves a lot of time and energy. 

No more pricey salons

Are you aware that almost 60% of people of different age groups hit the salon just for a manicure? We are as shocked as you are! On top of that, think about the kind of money which we throw around, just to see our nails in a pretty shape. You will find no such fuss with Sistaco. While shiny nail strips are available all over the market, dip powders are a trend. You get the choice to take home as many colors as you like at a reasonable price, which is way less than professional manicurists charge. Moreover, next time you want your nails all dolled up, you don’t need to walk out of your house!  

Safety concerns 

If there’s anything we first look for, it’s whether the product we are going to spend our wallet on is safe to use. The products sold here are a vegan composition and have never been tested on animals. Unlike toxic acrylics or nasty dip powder, which tend to make the whole process messy and flood your cuticles, Sistaco gives you comfort so that you can create a professional look without inviting problems for your nail health. 

Customer Feedback | Sistaco Nail Reviews

Ardella commented, “I love how it makes my nails look so glamorous, just like they have stepped out of a manicure from an expensive salon. I have always wanted to try these out, and I finally can. The best thing about using this nail powder is that you can choose three different colors in which you will want to dip your nails. The finish looks stunning, and I can’t wait for my next round!” 

Maria said, “I love everything about their colors, but the end of the nails somehow always chip out. At first, I thought it was due to indulging more in washing or getting my hands in water frequently. But when I stopped doing that, it still happened. I don’t doubt their quality, but I just can’t figure out why it is happening to me. My sister also uses them, and her nails stay perfectly pleasing.”

Sistaco Nail Reviews

Chamille pinned, “What stood out for me is the genuineness of these products. Usually, I am allergic to different nail bonds and powders, as I have a super sensitive skin tone. My options are limited, which almost wipes out everything from the list. However, these nail products are designed for my nail plate especially and do not pose any harm to the skin. I have to say, and this brand has given me a chance to be happy.

Rosie mentioned, “After I brought this product home after reading many overwhelmingly positive reviews, I knew I couldn’t wait any longer to try it out. So I put down to put some coats on my nails. As soon as I applied the formula, I got an itching and tingling sensation, after which I immediately washed it off. I am very disappointed I spent so much money for nothing. Guess it does not work for everyone after all.”

Natalie expressed, “I am super pumped to try their nail manicure all the time. I have been following them for quite some time and have only positive things to say. There was only one complaint from my side. The brand used to offer only 10 ml of product in the bottles, which got over pretty fast, given my passion for makeup and perfectly polished nails. Thanks to them, the quantity has now been changed to 15 ml, and I feel much better than earlier. Loving this look since ever!”

FAQs | Sistaco Nail Reviews

Does Sistaco damage your nails?

The mechanism of Sistaco nails works on a system that is entirely different from those unhealthy dipping powders. Unlike those plastic materials, these are not applied to your skin and keep the health of your nails intact. You also get a refreshing shine that revives their dullness and elevates their appearance. 

Is Sistaco any good?

Yes, the brand does offer you its carefully designed formula, which does not contain any chemicals that may affect your nails. The brand has managed to attract many customers, who have to take this brand as their resort to beautifying their nails in a non-toxic way. 

How long do Sistaco nails last?

The nails will last you for about two weeks. In between, if you notice any scrubbing of the color, just top it without removing the whole thing. 

Is Sistaco legit?

Yes, Sistaco is legit and has a massive fanbase from all the users who love to pamper themselves with some manicure now and then. The brand has amassed a whopping 4.6 stars out of 5 stars from 1521 genuine reviews. It gained this from Australia’s largest opinion site

Is Sistaco easy to remove?

Yes, their formula is super easy to remove. The brand offers the formulation of its Express Remover, specially designed for this purpose. It takes off your nail color quickly, safely, and without fuss. 

Can you remove Sistaco with acetone?

You can remove your manicure by taking the help of 100% acetone. But one should remember that acetone is often found in households. People try using it to remove their nail lacquer or dip powder nails. But this process has its downside too. Wiping your nail bonding powder with acetone can dry out your cuticles completely, making your nails dry.

This happens only in some cases where your nails may not get the best. Doing this can make them prone to breakage, and Sistaco cant is used on broken or compromised nails. Therefore, removing the manicure with the brand’s Express Remover is advisable. 

Does Sistaco make your nails stronger?

Users have reported that their nails felt more robust and cleaner after they started using Sistaco mineral bond powder on their nails to get some manicure fun. Unlike the toxic acrylic powders, which tend to create a cumbersome coat on your nails that damage your nail quality, this one prevents it. 

Where is Sistaco shipped from?

Sistaco has its registered offices located in Brisbane, Australia. It is GST registered, and the brand notifies its clients soon as the order is placed by acknowledging their order with a receipt and an order number. This is done for your ease and so that you can track it down whenever you want. 

Can you use any LED lamp with Sistaco?

Yes, you can use the lamp with any LED curable product. This lamp is unique because it has a sleek and ergonomic design. The rose gold body has been put into a compact figure, with foldaway legs which are super travel-friendly. So go on and set your top and base coats like a pro! 

Can you use Sistaco on toenails?

Yes, they are perfect to be used on toes. Adding a pop of color to those areas helps amplify the whole look. 

Can I use Sistaco outside?

Ensure you stay indoors or don’t go outside with your Sistaco system. Natural light is strict to be avoided. Also, ensure the contents of your bottle are not exposed to the LED lamp when it is on. 


We know you think about appealing french manicures all that time! They are all the rave among makeup divas, and the good news is, even if you have short nails, you qualify to get that chic and classic look! Nail trends have been taking the internet by storm, and we finally decided to give you some feel of the holiday season!

According to Sistaco Nail Reviews, you get a healthy, hygienic deal for your lovelies and 100 different colors to revel in. We are confident if there’s a chance that you face any other dilemma, it is going to be choosing which one to buy!

The brand offers cutting-edge mineral therapy for your nails to get the relaxed girl vibe without splurging your precious bucks! Their cruelty-free formula is feel-good, vibrant, free from nasties, and deserves some space in your fashion wardrobe! Users revealed that they rely on SIstaco to refresh their nails frequently because the heart wants what it wants!

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