Short Stubby Lashes After Extensions | What’s Next?

It is easy to imagine bald heads, but can you imagine eyes without lashes? Ewww! Isn’t it? But that may become true the way we treat them daily. Lash care is as critical as any other beauty ritual. Especially if you can’t resist the idea of getting extensions because it adds a crazy definition to your eyes, you need to do it more than the rest of the crowd because pros come with some cons too.

Short Stubby Lashes After Extensions

This edit on Short Stubby Lashes After Extensions talks about the problems you can face after getting a pair of fakes to sit on your eyes and the appropriate way to save them. 

Short Stubby Lashes After Extensions 

Case 1 

Wendy Rose Gould is a lovely blonde and a sucker for perfect-looking lashes! She, too, was obsessed with the idea of extensions, which got her compliments everywhere she went. But all good things must come to an end, and the same happened with her. In her story of Damaged Eyelashes After Extensions, firstly, the whole process of extensions cost her wallet a lot because she was to spend a lot of money every 2 weeks. After about 6 or 7 months, she noticed her lashes felt rough and coarse.

Her extensions weight started feeling more on her baby hair. And just as the 1-year mark came. She knew she couldn’t take it lightly and had to go back to sign mascara for a change of environment. She mentioned that she felt utterly embarrassed to walk out of the salon after getting her extensions removed because she felt hideous.

Her original lashes had become short, sparse, and thin because of prolonged damage that was ignored for a long time. Then she started looking for ways to save her lashes or what was left of them. 

lash extensions failed

Case 2

Destiny loves to vlog on all things beauty. After using falsies, she posted a detailed edit on how she had to take measures to get her broken lashes back to health. According to Destiny, she had lash extensions on and off for a few years because they provided her eyes a bold and dramatic volume that took her makeup game up a notch. And then she welcomed her baby, after which she got super busy. She knew her natural lashes would be damaged because she always wore extensions, but she had other priorities.

Her toddler would leave her no time for herself, which was difficult because Destiny loved amping up for occasions. After a few months, she got very irritated with her extensions, so she decided to take a break. Upon removal, she was shocked that her natural lashes were in worse condition than she had imagined. They looked stubby, thinner, and dehydrated. After, she took the necessary steps and regained her healthy lashes in just 3 weeks. 

Causes For Why Lashes Get Shorter After Extensions

  1. Applying lashes incorrectly 

If your falsies have been applied the way they shouldn’t have, then yes, it can be a problem for you and affect your natural lashes. Also, getting your false extensions used by someone who does not have experience or is not qualified to do so will be a bad idea. Always get a certified professional for this job so it does not harm your lash’s health. 

  1. Stickies 

Lash extension stickies happen because of too much glue, which sticks to multiple natural lash hairs rather than just being attached to one. This can create tension and tugging or pulling of lashes, which makes your eyelashes shorter or sparse due to breakage. 

  1. Applying for extensions on Baby Lashes

This is another mistake that lash artists tend to make while applying for extensions. Baby lashes are delicate and gentle and cannot withstand the weight of false wings, which are very heavy on the lids. So, when new lashes grow, this weight can cause them to split or break prematurely. 

Short Lashes After Extensions 
  1. Improper Size of Extensions 

We all love to add the volume to our lashes that we don’t have. It’s not our fault we weren’t born with them! But this extra volume and its weight can be your lashes’ enemy and cause them to be shorter. That is because lashes that are too heavy or too lengthy for your own lash line put an unwanted strain, and this stress causes adverse effects like breakage. 

  1. Nailhead disturbance 

All the extra adhesive or lash glue accumulates at the base of extensions. This pile can be unhealthy for your lashes, as it causes abrasion and compromises your natural lashes, causing them to shed. 

  1. Sensitivity Issues

You can invite a lot of side effects after getting lash extensions if your skin is sensitive. These may be in the form of allergic reactions that happen because of the glue or the material of the extension. Inflammation, irritation, redness, and teary eyes can lead to more falling out of lashes. 

  1. Premature shedding 

Our skin is under constant duress because of contact with environmental aggressors, bad lifestyles, improper sleep habits, and whatnot. On top of that, when hormones go crazy, it induces a lot of stress inside us. Putting extensions on your sensitive lashes can accelerate damage, leaving your eyelashes shorter and broken. 

  1. Lack of Aftercare 

If you want your lashes to be in perfect health after treating them as you wish, you must take the proper measures to pamper them after extensions. Constant rubbing of your eyes and not keeping them clean can lead to buildup and ruin your lashes. Apart from this, adding oil-based products to your eyecare routine can also shorten them. 

how to care for lashes after extensions

How To Repair Eyelashes After Extensions? (Solution)

Take a break. 

Your lashes have worked as much as you in this period, and now they deserve a holiday or a vacation of their own. So after you free your natural eyelashes from the burden of extensions, give them ample time to heal, and regain their energy and luster. 

Try a Lash growth serum.

Maintenance is necessary for your hair follicles to promote the good health of your lashes. A good lash serum enhances hydration levels and reduces brittleness, a significant reason for lash fallout. It also conditions and nourishes lash hairs to give them nutrition. 

Say not to waterproof mascara. 

Waterproof mascaras make your lashes endure many burdens because their pigments are heavy and tight to your hair to prevent shedding. It is best to avoid them if you have removed your extensions and are facing shorter-looking lashes. This will keep away more damage. If you cannot live without them, you can use water-soluble mascara. 

A Good lash cleanser

The buildup may be on your skin, hair, or even lashes, and it’s mandatory to eliminate it before it disrupts the peace in your life. Adding a good lash cleanser to your routine will remove the left behind makeup residue,  dirt, and pollution from the lash hairs and give them a suitable environment to grow. 

Natural Oils

Everyone needs moisture. And the same thing goes for your lashes. What better way to give it to them than using natural oils? A good kind of crude oil like coconut or castor oil helps nourish them inside and out and contributes to their growth. These oils contain essential nutrients, like fatty acids and vitamins, which strengthen them. 


Putting on extensions may be the easiest thing, but removing them without damaging your natural lashes is the actual task. And we all know that the latter aint possible while you are showing off your extensions!

This guide on Short Stubby Lashes After Extensions has been put together to guide all those lovelies about the dos and don’ts of this beauty mania. Make sure you bookmark all of it! 

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