Shaving My Face Ruined My Life | 3 Cases (Experiences)

The funny thing about regret is you feel it before doing something risky, and you still do it regretting why you think so! And a great deal of this regret is associated with whether or not one should shave their facial hair. It is an undeniable fact that the benefits of facial shaving are reaching skyscraper height, but so is its list of cons that can happen to anyone if they are not careful. For those who think how bad it can be, we have brought stories of 3 people together, who went for facial shaving, and now their experiences are a lesson in the big book Shaving My Face Ruined My Life. 

Shaving My Face Ruined My Life

Shaving My Face Ruined My Life 

Case 1 

According to reports from The Sun, Natalie is a TikTok user and one of a very ardent beauty enthusiast. She has a fan following to whom she shows the results of various hair and beauty products. She shared her horrible experience with face shaving, where she expressed that she was in horror after seeing the results. Liek millions of other people who are jumping into this beauty trend of getting glowing, flawless, and smooth skin, she too was excited to get its benefits. But she said this beauty hack cost her a lot and ruined her skin.

She shared her before and after picture saying that hell broke loose on her face, as her skin was covered with red bumps that were very painful. She said that after shaving off her face, she thought it would get her rid of peach fuzz, dirt, and dead skin cells. But instead, her face became bumpy everywhere and hurt a lot. After this, she uploaded a video warning all her followers not to try facial hair removal. 

After several skin treatments, she finally got her skin back in good condition, clear, and healthy. She also advised that this beauty treatment should not be done alone. Instead, people should seek help from professionals rather than copying everything after seeing it online. 

facial hair removal side effects

Before and After facial shaving pictures of Natalie

Case 2 

Elicia Gibson is another name for people who fell prey to the Shaving My Face Ruined My Life category. She said that she was never bothered with her facial hair. Only recently did she start feeling a bit conscious about herself in public. She tends towards dryness and flaky skin. And because her skin is so sensitive to facial scrubs, she thought turning to razors was a way out and gave her canvas a clean exit from flakiness. She said she wanted to try this out for the first time with an open mind, so she didn’t google tutorials, trips, or tricks.

She replaced the head of her razor and cleaned it to eliminate any stuck residue. After using her fiance’s shaving cream lotion, she contemplated how much of her skin she should cover so that she doesnt regret it later if things go south. Elicia is very possessive about her eyebrows, so she left them alone and focused on her cheeks, chin, jawline, and upper lip. She took it nice and slow because she had terrible adult cystic acne and didn’t want to risk pricking one by mistake. 

She did the rest of her face only to see the massive amount of dead skin cells and hair that came out. She later rinsed off her look with warm water and applied her usual moisturizer to cover all the shaved areas. She was delighted because suddenly she felt like a different person as her skin felt velvety and glowing. There was minimal irritation around her acne, but it was bearable. However, when she applied makeup, she realized it wasn’t staying on her face as earlier. And on top of that, her skin looked patchy.

When she removed all the makeup, there were tiny rash-like bumps around her chin and mouth. She panicked immediately and then searched the internet for these cases. Surprisingly, she found many where people had even worse episodes than her. She later shared that the bumps were still there. Elicia said that she would never do this again. Next time if she wants smooth skin, she will go for facial peels.

After shaving pictures of Elicia 

After shaving pictures of Elicia 

Case 3 

In her Youtube video, Keagan Van Eperen made sure that her facial hair removal experience reached everyone who is a bit skeptical about this process. The only mistake she made was, using razors that were designed for men. She explained that she was more than gentle while shaving, yet somehow, her face still got nicks and cuts. She kept saying that she wasn’t aggressive but still hurt herself later. There were patches of redness all over her face, and her skin hurt quite a bit. 

She later advised her viewers to go for razors that aren’t meant for beards rather than gentle ones. Eperen rubbed big ice cubes on her face to minimize all the redness and calm down the razor cuts on her skin. She later revealed that she had done this earlier, too, with little razors, but never got an awful experience liek this. This might be because men’s beards are more coarse so the blade type might be different for them as opposed to the ones used by women. 

Proven Side Effects?

Sorry to break your happy bubble about this dream, but Healthline says that shaving your face could invite many potential side effects on your skin. 

  • Users may undergo extreme dryness. 
  • Forming of flakes or itchiness 
  • It can lead to razor burns in many cases 
  • Risk of nicks and cuts, especially on delicate areas like below the ears
  • Chances of shaving off your eyebrow while shaving the hair between them
  • Formation of ingrown hairs 
  • Terminal hair shaving may lead to painful bumps 
  • Formation of a shadow under the skin after shaving.

Shaving away your facial hair might look like the most innocent act, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. Experts weigh in their opinion, and reliable sources from WebMD have made exciting revelations about this beauty hack. Let us look at all the things that can go wrong while you are doing it. 

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Image Source: Daily Mail

  • Shaving sensitive, dry, or acne-prone skin might cause an outbreak of acne 
  • Breakouts may happen if you have sensitive skin
  • The hair which grows back may look thicker and more noticeable 
  • Shaving over razor bumps can cause scars to form or even lead to infection.
  • Using makeup after shaving your face can block skin pores and lead to acne and breakouts.  

Don’ts Of Facial Shaving 

  • If you have sensitive, damaged, or acne-prone skin, shave only after consulting with your dermatologist. 
  • Dont rub the razor on one area more than 2 times
  • Make sure you are using clean razors, or else it will lead to infection 
  • Dont use blunt razor heads, as this makes your skin more prone to cuts
  • Dont dump your skin with heavy makeup
  • Dont put AHAs or BHAs on the day of shaving or until two to three days
  • Keep your post-shaving routine minimal 
  • Prevent usign cheap quality razor
  • Dont press the blade too hard, as it can stress out your skin
  • Dont use a razor on your face, which you have used to clean your underarms or legs
  • Stop skipping out on your moisturizer after shaving, as it can cause dryness

Worth the Risk?

When everyone around you is doing it, it is natural to immediately feel drawn toward this trend. But what may always be around you might not suit you, and facial shaving is a legit example. Firstly, it is not a long-lasting solution because the hair will grow back. And the number of times you keep shaving, the quicker it will grow back. Razors do not remove hair from its root, rather than just cutting off the stem. Its liek ahir trimming sessions are done to keep your hair growing longer. So going through irritation, bumps, itchiness, cuts, and burns is the last thing you should put on your skin’s way. 

facial hair

Shaving off sensitive or acne-prone skin will amplify all the side effects and take a long time to heal and keep your skin away from bacterial infection. This will make your canvas easily prone to environmental stressors, and you can imagine the rest. Also, it requires you to spend a lot of time. You must take it slow to avoid dealing with the hassle of doing it fast. So, it would be better to look at laser hair removal without teasing your skin repeatedly. 

Final Verdict 

Be it a facial razor, or an underarms razor, a blade is a blade, after all. And putting such a sharp thing on your face might be a fool’s task, especially when you know its risks. Understandably, facial shaving is a much more economical and easy way to look pretty, enhance absorption of skincare, get that flawless makeup, and whatnot, which might lure people into doing it. On the other hand, visiting the salon or other cosmetic clinics for this will be expensive, and your wallet must do it repeatedly. 

So, make sure you learn all the dos and donts of Facial shaving, as they are a savior of your skin, and make sure it does not suffer as much as you see on the internet. Besides, it is not all bad things. Millions of skincare lovers out there are screaming its benefits, and you might also get lucky with them! 

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