4 Simple Steps to Remove Magnetic Eyeliner (Guide)

Wanting long, luscious eyelashes is everyone’s dream, including mine. I believe they make anyone’s face look more glamorous and gorgeous. I have had very short eyelashes since birth, so I have always relied on fake lashes to enhance my eyes. However, using false lashes is tedious, especially during a time crunch. 

How To Remove Magnetic Eyeliner

When magnetic eyelashes and eyeliners came out, I had to try them. They are easy to apply and long-lasting. Initially, I hesitated to try them on due to the presence of magnetic substances, but when I got the hang of the proper routine, it was like a piece of cake. I am here to help you all again and teach you my way with lots of tips on how to remove magnetic eyeliner. 

How to Remove Magnetic Eyeliner? (Tips To Protect Your Eyes)

What is magnetic eyeliner?

Magnetic eyeliner is an eyeliner with magnetic iron oxide present in it in addition to the regular ingredients of an eyeliner, making it stick to magnetic eyelashes quickly. It also helps to elevate eyelashes without any chaos. Magnetic eyeliner is similar to regular eyeliner and adds definition and boldness to the eyes.  

Magnetic eyeliners

How does it work?

Magnetic eyeliners have magnetic iron oxide, which contains charges opposite to that of magnetic eyelashes, making them attract magnetic lashes and stick to them quickly. 

How Can You Safely Remove Magnetic Eyeliner Without Getting Hurt?

Step 1: Removing Eyelashes

Removing magnetic eyelashes with tweezers or gently with your fingers is the most significant and critical step in removing the eyeliner. Infections in the eyes can result from improper eyelash removal. Removing eyelashes slowly and gently is an effective technique to avoid causing any infections.

Step 2: Storing the Eyelashes

The next step in cleaning magnetic residue from the lashes is to use micellar water. The lashes must be stored carefully in a case to prevent damage since they are typically reusable. 

removing magnetic liner

Step 3: Removing the Eyeliner

Using a cotton swab and an oil-based cleanser, gently rub your eyelid to remove magnetic eyeliner. To thoroughly remove the eyeliner, gently swirl the cotton swab around in a circular manner. 

Step 4: Double Cleansing the eyes

Use another cotton swab to remove and wipe the eyelids of any magnetic residue properly. You can prevent any illness from the magnetic residue by twice cleansing any magnetic iron oxide residue left on your eyelid with a water-based cleanser.

FAQs | How To Remove Magnetic Eyeliner?

Does magnetic eyeliner come off easily?

Removing magnetic eyeliner is not very different from removing regular eyeliner. Still, it requires special care as it has magnetic iron oxide, which can cause irritation and allergies on the eyelids if left for too long.

removing magnetic eyeliner

How do you remove magnetic eyeliner without makeup remover?

Instead of a makeup remover, you can use oil and a cotton swab to remove magnetic eyeliner. The oil will gently remove the eyeliner without causing redness and irritation. Make sure to doubly clean the eyelid and remove any trace of magnetic iron oxide in the eyeliner from the eyelid. 

Is it bad to sleep with magnetic eyeliner?

Magnetic eyeliner and lashes must be removed before sleeping, as they contain magnetic substances that can be harmful to sleep on, causing irritation, redness, and allergies in the eyes.

Is magnetic eyeliner safe for the eyes?

Compared to glue-based false lashes, magnetic eyeliner, and magnetic eyelashes are better. The first reason is that they are simple to use and save time. The second reason is that some false eyelash glue contains cyanoacrylate. This formaldehyde donor irritates the eye’s surface and harms the eyes.

magnetic lashes before and after

Is all magnetic eyeliner black?

There are multiple shades of magnetic eyeliner available in the market besides black; these include brown, blue, and green. 

What are the side effects of magnetic eyeliner?

Magnetic eyeliner can cause eyelid infections and allergies due to the presence of magnetic substances when left on the eyelid for too long. Misusing the eyeliner can cause the natural eyelashes to come off and damage hair follicles.

Can you wear magnetic eyeliner during MRI?

You must remove magnetic eyeliner before going for MRI as it can cause damage to the scanner and hindrance in the MRI scan report. The strong magnetic field in the magnetic eyeliner can attract a magnetic field and come in motion causing damage to the scanner and cornea of the eyes.


I have used magnetic eyeliners for a long time, and they’ve become my best friends. They are not only simpler to apply but also to take off. With an understanding of how to remove magnetic eyeliner, they will become your go-to every day. Just remember to remove the eyeliner without hurting the eyes gently and carefully.  

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