7 Eyelash Glue Substitutes One Must-Know About

Fluttery long lashes are desirable for many people as they can enhance one’s natural beauty and make the eyes appear bigger and brighter. However, maintaining these lashes can be challenging as they are delicate and require gentle care. This trend has spawned a massive industry of mascara and lash extensions. Faux lashes are one of the various eyelash enhancers that can be applied fast and simply at home for an immediate glam appeal.

eyelash glue substitute

However, the downside of these products is that they can sometimes cause irritation or allergic reactions and may not always look natural. On the other hand, making your glue might come in handy in a pinch, but it might not have the same strength or safety as the one you buy at the store. Thus, trying out some alternatives or homemade methods to avoid finding yourself in the same predicament again may be helpful, whether you want to go more natural or if all of your lash adhesives have run out. Let’s get started by exploring the best eyelash glue substitute.

Eyelash Glue Substitute | The Need For Alternatives

Luxurious, feathery lashes have been a hallmark of beauty for decades, and since the advent of fake lashes, ladies may have the appearance without committing to lash extensions. And if you regularly or daily apply fake eyelashes, we commend you since it takes some real finesse. To avoid any discomfort or damage to the cornea, you must make sure that the glue used is suitable for the eyes and that the eyelashes fit snugly. Prioritizing eye safety over aesthetic trends is critical.

Bacteria accumulating on the fake eyelash and under the adhesive can lead to infections. Conjunctivitis or styes may result from this. Some individuals are averse to the glue used to secure eyelashes, while others may develop an allergy to the fiber used to create the false eyelashes themselves. Allergic responses can bring on stinging, burning, swelling, or a rash. It’s also crucial to remember that wearing artificial lashes often might cause harm and breakage to natural lash follicles. A corneal injury can also result from putting tiny items close to the eye if the glue hardens and falls into the eye, scraping the cornea. 

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All this information is not meant to deter you from using artificial lashes to your heart’s content; it should serve as a reminder to apply them in moderation and with caution. Now, let us get back to addressing the emergency that prompted you to click on this article. Here are some eyelash glue substitutes that you may employ.

Making Your Own Glue

Making your glue with the ingredients available in your pantry is a great way to control the ingredients and check whether any ingredient may be an allergen for you or not. Yet, their efficacy is disputed. While some individuals believe homemade glue to be just as strong as store-bought alternatives, others disagree. Finding the ideal formula that meets your needs may require trial and error.

Honey And Sugar Solution Glue

A fresh and perfectly homogenous mixture comprising a drop of non-toxic glue, a drop of honey, 1/2 tbsp sugar, and 2 tbsp water can work well enough to consider it a viable option. Be careful to whisk the liquid thoroughly to dissolve the sugar, and add powdered sugar to prevent sugar grains from stinging your eyes. Use cotton swabs or tiny spatulas to apply this compound because it can get messy. Do not anticipate it lasting very long, as the solution will likely dry out and lose its efficacy. Therefore, using it only when needed and storing it appropriately is advisable.

honey and sugar glue

Flaxseed Gel Glue

In addition to its naturally adhesive qualities, flaxseed offers several health and cosmetic advantages, one of which is encouraging lash development. Flax seeds and water are heated, and the mixture is then strained to collect the remaining liquid, which is then used as a lash adhesive. Nonetheless, flaxseed should be completely avoided if you are sensitive to it. Also, boiling flaxseed requires a lengthy procedure that many people find tedious.

White Rice Glue

Who would have guessed that having leftover rice might sometimes be good? A temporary glue-like consistency may be produced by mashing white rice with water. This stickiness occurs because of the high starch content in rice, which can mimic the effect of glue.  But, it is worth mentioning and pretty amusing that if you apply this mixture, you could attract little birds and insects. In addition, if left for too long, this combination produces a bad smell.

white rice glue

Mascara And Liquid Eyeliner

Eyeliner and mascara are both excellent alternatives to eyelash glue. Mascara may be used as an alternative glue for false eyelashes as well as to enhance and beautify eyelashes. Use liberal amounts of mascara straight on your natural eyelashes to replace them with glue. After a few seconds, draw eyeliner on the lines and adhere it to the artificial eyelash. If the lashes are loose, add another coat of mascara. Use your fingers to push the artificial and natural lashes together for a while to create a solid lash. 

You might decide to forgo applying falsies and allow your natural lashes to take center stage instead. This is also something that mascara and eyeliner may aid with. Applying eyeliner to the top of the eyelid and above the lower lashes will contrast the color of your eyes and give your natural lashes more volume. Volumizing mascara is a quick and simple technique to make your eyes sparkle. Various varieties of mascara may lengthen, curl, and define your lashes.

Magnetic Lashes and Liners 

As soon as they hit the shelves, magnetic eyelashes, and eyeliners were best sellers. They provide a more practical and pleasant alternative to conventional artificial eyelashes, which is why many people adore them. Furthermore, the magnets are powerful enough to firmly hold the eyelashes in place without allowing them to slip off easily. There are primarily two versions of these products.

False lashes that cling to your eyes by sandwiching them over and beneath your natural lashes are known as magnetic eyelashes because of the small magnets at the base of the strip or band. These are perfect alternatives to eyelash glue since they snap together and firmly keep your eyelashes in place. On the other hand, magnetic eyeliner is a type of eyeliner that incorporates iron oxides, a mineral deposit that has magnetic properties. It may be used with magnetic lashes, some of which call for magnetic eyeliner for a stronger hold.

Pre Glued Lashes

Pre-glued lashes are strip lashes with adhesive already applied, making them a fantastic substitute for regular strip lashes. By measuring, cutting, and popping them into natural lashes, they are simple to apply and don’t require lash glue. Pre-glued lashes can be a fantastic alternative for people who want a quick and simple way to apply lashes, but they can not last as long as traditional strip lashes and might not be as customizable. They might not be as flexible as traditional ones, which would restrict the variety of looks one might create.

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Clear Tape

We would not recommend you ever do this, as removing it might be difficult and painful. But if you are really desperate, then cutting a thin strip of clear tape and placing it carefully at the base of your eyelids can do the trick. However, make sure to keep the strip extremely thin to avoid it from being noticeable, and avoid wearing it for long hours as it may accumulate dirt. Also, make sure the removal is as gentle as possible to avoid ripping your eyelashes.

How To Avoid Getting Into This Situation Again?

Invest In Alternatives

You may choose from a number of alternatives to standard strip lashes without sacrificing your desired appearance. Individual lashes provide a more natural appearance, while magnetic lashes are simple to use and don’t require any adhesive. As an alternative, you might choose to get low-maintenance lash extensions that last for many weeks. Pre-glued lashes include an adhesive lash band for single use. 

Several companies are also introducing some ingenious products, such as glueliners, which are eyeliners with adhesive qualities. For individuals who wish to eliminate the trouble of applying a separate lash glue, these glueliners are ideal. Another viral product features a water-activated lash band adhesive that makes attaching falsies as simple as soaking them in water. This eliminates the need for traditional lash glue and allows for a mess-free application. The water-activated feature also makes it a great choice for those with sensitive eyes.

Glue Subscriptions

Subscribing to a lash glue service may save you money in the long run and provide you with exclusive discounts on other lash-related products. Plus, you’ll never have to compromise on quality or settle for subpar options. Some beauty subscription services offer discounts on bulk purchases or exclusive products, making it a cost-effective solution for those who frequently use lash glue. You can also customize the frequency of deliveries to suit your needs and never be without your go-to adhesive.

Glue Subscriptions

Stocking up

You may purchase numerous bottles at once because eyelash glue lasts very long. By doing this, you can ensure that you have enough adhesive when you need it. Having a spare bottle on hand is always a good idea. However, the storage circumstances might impact the glue’s shelf life. Make sure it is kept dry, away from harsh sunlight, and at room temperature. It could be necessary to replenish the glue if it is drying out or clumping together. When using any glue, always remember to check the expiration date.

Frequently Asked Questions | Eyelash Glue Substitute

Can you use hair gel as eyelash glue?

Although hair gel is unsafe around the eyes, you can still use it as an eyelash substitute. A thin layer of hair gel with a spoolie can do the work. You have to hold the lashes to make them stick properly. But it is highly not recommended to use it near your eyes.

Can I use mascara as eyelash glue?

Certain mascara adhesives come as a substitute for eyelash glue. You can use the mascara adhesive to stick your lashes. They don’t work on the lower lash line. Just apply the mascara adhesive to your lashes and start sticking falsies. Here’s how you can go through the whole process


We hope to have found a solution to your eyelash emergency since we understand how frustrating it can be to run out of beauty essentials just when you need them. Make sure you consider each option’s subtleties before deciding which best matches your interests. Do a patch test beforehand as well, just to be safe. This will assist you in avoiding any unanticipated or unfavorable effects when you apply it to your skin. When experimenting with new things on your body, it is wise to exercise a degree of caution.

However, the most significant information in this essay is how crucial it is to value your originality and cherish your innate beauty. Please get in touch with us if there is anything else we can do for you. We place the highest value on your satisfaction. Have a lovely and safe day!

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