Beauty Spy Mystic Flower Lipstick Reviews | Worth the Hype?

Do your lips also want a natural tint of color? Then, investing in a great lipstick that functions no less than a lip balm (for comfort) should be on your priority list. Beauty enthusiasts are gaga over the transparent lipstick recently doing rounds in the cosmetics market. They change their versatile color and can adapt to any skin type and tone depending upon their pH levels. 

Beauty Spy Mystic Flower Lipstick Reviews

Beauty Spy Mystic Lipstick is one of the bestsellers in this arena. A plethora of Beauty Spy Mystic Flower Lipstick reviews back it up. But should you trust it with the impeccable results that it claims to bring? To know that, read this detailed review wherein I cast light upon its usage, ingredients, side effects, pros, cons, reviews, etc. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in! 

Beauty Spy Mystic Flower Lipstick Reviews | Worth Your Buy?

The Beauty Spy Mystic Lipstick is hydrating and has a custom color with a gold flower locked in it. We will look into these details in a while. One may find this product often on the HSN page. For the unversed, HSN is an online platform where you can buy anything related to electronics, beauty, fashion, home, and more. You can also find this product on their list.

Let us know this product’s features that come in a pack of three. Whenever there’s an offer, you may get three lipsticks for the price of one. The package looks pretty simple, with a plain golden case and transparent lipstick inside. The prime features of this lipstick are that it contains real gold flakes and dried flowers. The formula of this product is purely hydrating and enriching to your lips. It adjusts to your skin’s pH and gives you a custom shade, generally pink.

Beauty Spy Mystic Flower Lipstick

How To Use?

This lipstick is glossy but not waxy in that sense. It used to bother me a lot as I’m allergic to waxy elements, but it worked well on me (thankfully). Follow these steps like I did to get that ‘perfect’ stroke on your lips. 

  1. Use it with your makeup or alone.
  2. Smooth lips will ensure a softer cast of color. 
  3. The pointed shape of the lipstick allows for a better application. 
  4. Gently swipe the lipstick on your bottom and top lips to apply a thin layer.
  5. Clean the excess deposit outside your lip line with your finger or a tissue.
  6. The lipstick will take time to change the color from transparent to pinkish.
  7. Do not over-apply; it may leave a darker tone that looks mismatched and ‘extra.’
  8. Do not lick your lipstick, and avoid consuming anything immediately post-application. 
  9. Now, rub your lips against each other to even out the gloss and ensure a defined after-look. 

Since it works on the pH level of your skin, it can go well on most skin types and tones. However, it works best on dry and chapped lips due to its hydrating nature. If you are seeking a matte finish for an occasion, you may want to avoid it. Now, let us know what our lipstick comprises.


The first few ingredients are present in the maximum amount, followed by the later ones present in comparatively lesser amounts.

Tridecyl Trimellitate is a skin-softening agent many brands use as a substitute for mineral oil. This element is responsible for making the lipstick’s texture well-dispersing, smooth, and rich.

Diisostearyl Malate is mostly safe to use on the skin and behaves as a thickening emollient in this product. The enhanced texture with shine and gloss you can see in this lipstick is mainly due to this element. 

C12-C15 Alkyl Benzoate seals the moisture and softens the texture of the lipstick. It leaves your lips mildly conditioned, polished, and glowing. 

Polyisobutene, too, enhances the sheen and allows the gloss to deposit on your lips well. It also acts as a moisturizer, improves skin suppleness, and boosts pigment spreadability. 

Dibutyl Lauroyl Glutamide is a texture-enhancer. It is non-greasy and leaves your skin feeling soft and light. 

Dibutyl Ethylhexanoyl Glutamide makes the application dry by limiting the oiliness. It is a famous preservative-free element in the cosmetics industry, giving this lipstick a transparent look.  

Besides, the brand also claims to have real gold flakes alongside dried flowers in this 0.15 oz Mystic Flower Lipstick. Currently, the brand does not state the flower’s identity clearly.

Beauty Spy Mystic Flower Lipstick Reviews 

Source: HSNtv

Side Effects

Phenoxyethanol is a known skin allergen. So if your skin does not suit it, it can develop hypersensitivity, minor infections (like eczema, allergies, etc), or even life-threatening reactions like anaphylaxis.

Fragrance has plenty of side effects and unwanted reactions. It can trigger allergies, irritation, and endocrine disruptors. If you have sensitive skin, avoid it.

Ci 45410:1 gives the lipstick a slightly reddish hue, but it can irritate your skin.

It would be better for you to perform a patch test for the lipstick. Or else, you can apply the lipstick and leave it on your lips for a few hours to see whether it reacts or generates any sense of discomfort. Cease using it and consult your dermatologist if any irritation occurs and continues.


  • Travel-friendly
  • Not tried and tested on animals
  • The cover looks chic and elegant
  • Hydrates and moisturizes your lips extensively
  • You get a natural pink color pop on your lips
  • Only one stroke gives you the desired coverage
  • Suits the people of all ages (mature and young)
  • It doesn’t give off a weird smell, unlike some other lipsticks
  • Provides a smooth, glossy, and radiant texture upon application
  • Contains dried flowers and real, tiny gold flakes for decoration
  • Has vitamin E infused in it that gives temporary hydration to your lips
  • Adapts to the pH level of your lips to deliver a natural-looking pinkish hue
Beauty Spy Mystic Flower


  • It is pricey!
  • May irritate your lips
  • It may even darken your lips
  • Unsuitable for sensitive skin types
  • A few elements in this product may trigger an allergic reaction

Gold Foil Color Changing Lipstick VS Beauty Spy Mystic Flower

The Gold Flower Color Changing Lipstick is moisturizing and long-lasting, like its competitor, Beauty Spy Mystic Flower Lipstick. Second, both the lipsticks have a dried flower locked inside and chic packaging. The Gold Foil Lip Color dilutes the lip and unlocks the color later (takes 10-15 minutes). Both lipsticks share the features of soft and texture-curing properties, but Gold Foil offers something different. Due to the thermochromic technology, the lip color of Gold Foil changes with temperature and pH value. However, temperature does not play a vital role in Beauty Spy. 

Both products are glossy, have pink undertones, and care for all skin types and tones. But many people, after trying Gold Foil, found it as helpful as the Beauty Spy’s product. In my view, I would favor Gold Foil Color Changing Lipstick as it is way cheaper than the Beauty Spy with the same perks and features. It also comes in a pack of three, wherein you pay only for one product. Returning to our ongoing Beauty Spy product, let us view its feedback now.

Customer’s Feedback | Beauty Spy Mystic Flower Lipstick Reviews 

I’ll begin by sharing my review of this product first. I was looking for a color-changing lipstick when I heard about it from one of my colleagues who wears it to the office daily. So, I got it and was excited that I got three lipsticks at the price of one lipstick. 

Trust me! The deposit is luxurious, and the pinkish color is not too dark. It feels as if my skin owns the color. I agree with the brand’s assertion that it is for all ages and skin tones. Me and my sister use it almost once in two to three days as it comes in handy, and we can apply it hassle-free. Also, I do not like heavy makeup, so this product pairs nicely with my moisturizer and mascara

The best part was its cushiony application due to the soft stick. The pink color developed quickly and darkened slightly over time. Besides, this lipstick does not migrate like my other lip colors. It is long-lasting, and the color does not fade away quickly. Since I got three of them, I kept one and gave the other two to my friends as gifts. Honestly, I liked it. In fact, all three of us enjoyed the lipstick, but a few users did not like it. What are their concerns? Let us hear them!

Beauty Spy Mystic Flower Lipstick Reviews 

Marie shares, “I like the Beauty Spy Mystic Lipstick because it delivers exactly what it says! I tried the other lipsticks for a while, but none were as promising as this one. My last color-changing lipstick used to look red later, and it had fed me up. Thankfully, this lipstick exists.”

Sofia comments, “I find this lipstick’s value too expensive, as many others claim. Nevertheless, it offers great value for its quality of pigment and deposit. I am satisfied with the results and its features. It keeps my lips hydrated for the entire day!”

Engel refutes, “It cannot be for all skin types as I have dry lips, and it works well. But the only problem that I faced was acute irritation. Later, my doctor suggested that I not use it as it has some unwanted elements that do not gel with the cracked skin on my lips.”

So, as you saw, most of the reviews (including mine) are positive about the product and applaud it for its features and benefits. But there are a few customers upon whom the product did not go well, and they had to report their cases.

FAQs | Beauty Spy Mystic Flower Lipstick Reviews

Let us look at some of the most asked questions around the topic. Clear your insights on it profoundly and know better about your purchase.

What is Mystic Flower lip gloss?

The Mystic Flower lip gloss is similar to the Beauty Spy Mystic Lipstick but has a glossy texture. While the latter has a balmy texture, it moisturizes your skin for longer, like the Mystic Flower lip gloss. Both lip products work on the pH level of your skin to bring out the natural pinkish tone. Mystic Flower contains gold flakes and real flowers and is hydrating. It also has a shiny texture; you can wear it alone or pair it with your favorite lipstick. So it is almost like the Beauty Spy, with the only difference being their respective textures.

Where is the Beauty Spy made?

The Beauty Spy is originally from South Korea. Their products are cruelty-free and do not test products on animals. Along with lip gloss, this brand makes many other skincare, makeup, hair, bath, and body items. It has a trending section where you can buy the recently in-demand products.

Beauty Spy Mystic Flower Lipstick Reviews

Who is the owner of the Beauty Spy?

The owner of Beauty Spy is Chelsea Scott and her talented team of people with a common aim to discover hidden secrets, the newest transformations, and the latest beauty items from around the world. Ryan Sullivan and Chelsea Scott began this initiative on the HSN media outlet in 2017.

What animal is lipstick tested on?

Usually, lipstick and other cosmetics products get their baits from mice, guinea pigs, rabbits, rats, and other voiceless animals. They go through a period of cruelty under laboratories dedicated to carrying out studies, testing, and trying the reactions of the upcoming products of a brand. 

Closure | Beauty Spy Mystic Flower Lipstick Reviews

As we end our Beauty Spy Mystic Lipstick reviews, you now have a clearer idea of this product. Indeed, this product is soothing on the lips and smells nice, too. The rich pigment displays the luxurious deposit of the pink flush on your lips. It suits people of all ages, skin types, and tones because it depends upon the pH level of your lips and skin to work. Besides, it is cruelty-free and not too expensive. 

Add to it its versatility to go on most occasions and apparel. Even after all the perks, a few drawbacks remain. The ingredients are not all safe and sound and may trigger an adverse reaction on sensitive skin. So, do a patch test and skim its composition from your doctor to ensure a secure and beautiful application.

Drop your further queries below and expect a reply anytime soon.

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