Why Does My Makeup Look Patchy? (Quick Fix)

Foundation is the literal base of our makeup. But have you ever been in a situation where you struggle with your BB cream or the foundation? The more you try to spread and blend it, the more patchy it becomes, and the chaotic situation begins. And not to mention, when you look into the mirror, you feel like scraping it all off! We’ve all been there! So, why does my makeup look patchy? 

Why Does My Makeup Look Patchy?

Well, depending on your skin type and the foundation as well, the patchiness of your makeup is determined. Whatsoever, you need not panic because this very problem of patchy and cakey makeup is almost everyone’s problem. So with the correct products and steps, you can eliminate the issue. Let’s begin. 

Why Does My Makeup Look Patchy? What To Avoid?

To get that perfectly smooth foundation without making it look patchy, you should know some of the primary reasons why your makeup looks patchy in the first place.

Ignored Skin Care

If you are a makeup junkie, then you might also be aware of the fact that makeup does damage your skin. For that reason, if not in general, you should always opt for a good skincare routine. So, if you haven’t prepared your skin, or it is left dehydrated or has premature aging signs or bumps,  it is evident that the makeup you apply on it will also turn out to be cakey.

how to avoid patchy makeup

Giving your skin the right amount of hydration and care will make it ready for any makeup, preventing you from having embarrassing patches. You must look for skincare products to protect your skin from damage. As we all know, some ingredients in makeup can contribute to premature aging signs, so it is crucial to include collagen or retinol in your skincare routine if you’re in your late twenties.

Skipping The Primer

Even after you are done with your skincare routine, avoiding jumping directly with the foundation is best. Take it slow, buddy. Grabbing the primer will save your day by giving you a good makeup finish. The reason your makeup turns out to be patchy can be credited to the absence of a primer because the primer helps the foundation adhere and lasts all day long.

Using slightly tacky primers can be the key to good holding power, as the foundation will stick to it well and last for hours without being messy.

Not Exfoliating Your Skin

Exfoliation is a necessary process that will shred off your dead skin cells. If you do not exfoliate, then the dead skin cells will play the lead role of giving you a cakey look on your skin. So removing those villains will improve the appearance of your skin and will eventually create a good base for your makeup.

why does my foundation look patchy

Always use a gentle exfoliator, as a strong or abrasive one will only harm you. For oily skin, you can opt for any product with BHA, beta hydroxy/salicylic acid, which will help clean the pores. However, if your skin is dry, it is better to use products containing AHA and alpha hydroxy acids. 

Not Moisturizing Well

Dry skin will naturally repel the products applied. Hence it is super important to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized. A water-based lotion or a good moisturizer will help your skin feel nourished and will improve its texture, thereby creating a good base for makeup to be applied on.

You can apply creams that contain hyaluronic acid because it is proven to have magical moisturizing benefits for the skin. For oily skin, you can opt for oil-free creams that don’t make the skin look greasy.

Not Matching the Primer and Foundation 

Even if you have opted for a good primer base and moisturized well, you might still experience patchy makeup. The reason could be because of the mismatch between your primer and foundation. If you use a water-based primer, then it is best to go with a water-based foundation. Just like that, if you use a silicone-based primer, then go with a silicone-based foundation. 

moisturize to avoid makeup patchiness

Silicone-based primers will do the job for oily skin, and the foundation will settle well in the pores. For dry skin, primers that work on hydrating the skin will work.

Not Choosing The Right Foundation Type

The foundation you use should fit you well, depending on your skin type. If you experience patchy makeup, you could also use the wrong products for your skin. 

For oily skin, a tinted moisturizer will go a long way, as a full-coverage foundation may only last for a while because of how oily your skin might get at the end of the day. For dry skin, a hydrating foundation will give good results because a matte foundation will only worsen things as it can cling to the dry patches on the skin.

Excess Use of Product 

One of the most common reasons for patchy or cakey makeup is excessive product use. It can be either the primer or the foundation you use too much. So, applying the product in excess amounts can result in an irregular application. And when you blend it, you apply more layers to repel each other and create a mess.

Missed The Setting Spray/Powder

After you’re done with the foundation, here comes an important part that you might be skipping. The foundation set will ensure a better stay on your skin without being patchy and cakey. But be particular about the quantity of setting powder or spray you use.

cakey makeup

When you feel your makeup is dull or cakey, grab the facial spray, and keeping in mind the distance of the bottle from your face, spray it a few times. Also, remember, never rub your setting spray over your face; press or tap it to make it set well, and you have to ask yourself, why does my makeup look patchy?

Final Words

Even if you keep your makeup tip-top, you can experience it falling apart after a few hours. One primary concern is your makeup turning patchy or even cakey. The article right here discusses some of the most common and significant factors that play a big role in making you feel embarrassed: creating those unwanted patches in your makeup. So following the steps with products that best suit your skin type, you may completely dodge problems like these and kick off any embarrassment!

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