11 MAC Honeylove Dupes (Hydrating & Affordable Picks)

If women love anything truly, deeply, and madly, it’s – lipsticks. (Sorry, boys!) and not just any lipstick! Away from the sheeny-shiny, and boldly washed options, we have finally gone onboard with the perfect nude that feels like velvet on your pucker. The rave for nude has made a triumphant return in eh beauty industry, and every next-door neighbor seems to be taken by it. This range of color is not too peaky and yet drives their attention to your Cupid’s Bow. MAC has been quite forgiving in the lipstick business, as most of its innovations create a splash of color everywhere they go. 

People follow them blindly because no one wants to stay away from rich cocoa that makes your lips feel alive! According to reviews, the Honeylove shade is quite a firecracker but falls on the pricey side. So, people wanted a MAC Honeylove dupe that is cost-effective yet similar. 

MAC Honeylove dupe

The original shade has all things covered except its price point. It does not cater to everyone’s budget, so not all MAC lovers can get this for themselves. But this does not mean beauty cant follow you! We have 11 sensational-looking shades that look just like the real thing. Want to try it for yourself? Let us dive right in! 

MAC Honeylove Dupe | For All Hours Of The Day?

MAC made quite the first impression in the makeup town when it launched its matte lipsticks and lip liners. The collection blew up the internet, as lipstick lovers were eager to get their hands on different shades. This ultimate range features colors from exotic families like pinks, berries, reds, oranges, and nudes. Meanwhile, the shadow which got sold out too soon was the Honeylove, featuring a light beige nude tone, pampered with hints of rose and peach.

It seemed like everyone could take their eyes off this cutie. But why? The creamy, rich lipstick formula stands proudly with its high color payoff, which offers your pout an immediate risk of pigment. And there, all the attention is on your lips! 

The creamy matte lipstick gives you 10 hours to revel and soak up the beauty of your lips, during which it promises not to spoil your mood by feathering. While every note about this option seemed to be hitting just right, users were unhappy with the expensive price tag and came forward to ask for some respite.

But the heart wants what it wants, so we have gathered 11 hydrating options that won’t let your lips down! These lipsticks promise that they won’t feel too heavy on your budget and will succeed in giving your lips a fuller and pouty look. Are you ready for the big reveal?

L’Oreal Colour Riche Lipstick “Fairest Nude”

It may seem too good to be accurate, but it is what it is! And if you love the Mac Honeylove, you will want this one. Having attracted over 27k reviews on Amazon, the L’Oreal Colour Riche Lipstick in the shade Fairest Nude has got every MAC lover under its spell. It mimics the peachy nude of the original a lot and has undertones of cinnamon pink.

This shade spectrum has been combined with nourishing ingredients that refresh and rejuvenate. Omega 3, vitamin E, and argan oil are the star elements that soften any dryness and allow your color to glide like butter. Users revealed that it gave their lips a plushy and polished look. The best part about buying this MAC Honeylove Dupe is getting three of these for one MAC!


  • Formulated with rich argan oil
  • Glides like silk 
  • It gives a luxurious creamy feel
  • Hydrates lips to their core
  • Suitable for every occasion
  • Delivers a smoother, and softer pucker 
  • Packed in a sleek golden tube 
  • It contains omega 3 and vitamin E to nourish 
  • 52 creamy satin shades in total are available 
  • Available at a super affordable price 


  • The lipstick has a peculiar chemical smell that might put off users. 

Maybelline Color Sensational Matte Lipstick “Beige Babe”

A swipe of nude looks effortless and adds an indefinite charm to your complexion. Nude lippies have a different fanbase altogether, and the Beige Babe shade from Maybelline clearly explains why! The lipstick is contained in a silver cylinder and gives off a color that is a perfect blend of beige and nude. What’s interesting is it will complement all the different skin tones due to its flexibility.

This inti-matte contains golden pigments that bring out a natural boost of color in yoru lips by adding dimension to your pout. A touch of honey nectar has been incorporated into this lipstick, as it is responsible for giving your crescents feel sumptuous and glide across each other in a silky manner. If you want to make your pucker fuller-looking instantly, this whipped mousse formula is the right way to go about it! Users who tried this out said it made all the difference for them. 


  • Rated as Amazon’s choice 
  • The creamy formula dries down into a sultry matte finish 
  • Infused with honey nectar to give a luscious feel
  • Feels comfortable throughout the day
  • Matches all ranges of skin tones
  • It gives your lips an unbeatable radiance
  • It contains golden pigments that naturally give your lips a flush of color


  • The actual shade looks very pale and lighter on the skin.

Peripera Ink the Velvet Lip Tint | #030 CLASSIC NUDE

The perfect shade of brown is what everyone wants, but when it has slight hints of nude shimmering, it changes the total game. Just like the Peripera Ink, the Velvet Lip Tint in the color Classic Nude is an example of why you should get your hands on a MAC Honeylove Dupe without wasting time! This modern liquid lip tint coyly dries down into a nude shade, with undertones of cocoa and brown laced.

If you are a cappuccino fan, you will love it! The long-lasting formula features high-intensity pigments that give yoru color the boldness they deserve by adequately staining them. If you are big on comfort, this lippies promise no stickiness, or clumpiness, so you can settle for it without flinching. The color allows different skin tones to play and gives their pucker a beautiful off-rosy blanket. So, if it is in your interest this fall, we suggest making a decision quickly!


  • Possesses 22k reviews on Amazon
  • It costs half the price of MAC Honeylove
  • Offers a comprehensive option in peachy nude shades
  • It has high-intensity color pigments 
  • It uses a double-layer elastomer to stick to your lips perfectly 
  • It gives a silky finish throughout 
  • It lasts all day without feeling sticky or clumpy 
  • It has a precision applicator to define your curves
  • It fits every range of complexion 
  • More than 25 colors are available 


  • It wears off quickly without leaving a tint. 

NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Lip Lingerie XXL Matte Liquid Lipstick – Turn-On (Peach Nude)

NYX lovers know how to choose a good lipstick shade, especially in confusing nudes. Not all buffs are for your skin, and this brand’s Peach Nude understands. The formula possesses a color that takes inspiration from the beauty textbooks of Honeylove itself. So, if you were searching for an alternative, consider yoru prayers answered. It gives your pout a “my lips but better” look as the lipstick is non-drying and claims to stay away from cracking, budging, fading, or transferring for up to 16 wholesome hours.

The formula feels very lightweight and comfortable and blends seamlessly with the oval precision applicator given along with it. Every woman should own a good nude, and according to reports by reliable sources, this one makes the right fit. Be it a day event or night, and this shade promises to doll up your lips in a breathtaking style. 


  • It can be used as a lip contour 
  • It helps accentuate your curves 
  • It does not crack, budge, fade, or transfer
  • It lasts up to 16 hours 
  • Lip-hugging applicator for fuss-free application 
  • Cruelty-free certified by PETA
  • It has a vegan composition 
  • It dries into a flirtatious matte finish 
  • 32 exotic shades in different color ranges 
  • Maths skin tone of all complexions 
  • Adds a boldness to plump up your pucker 


  • It feels a little clumpy after some hours

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick, Bare Affair (044)

Yes, affairs can be dangerous, but not when they come in the form of the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in the shade Bare Affair! This lipstick is a perfect nude shade, just like having the perfect pair of sneakers or jeans that blend into your every mood and event. The cult-classic option from Revlon is a favorite of many, as it feels super-moisturizing. The formula is laced with microfine pigments, which add a lot more vibrancy to the original color without weighing your lips down.

Vitamin E and avocado oil are also a part of this combination and help to make your lips feel comfortable, supple, and smoother. This shade also possesses a light beige tone like MAC’s and costs just a fraction of the real thing, making it a cost-effective deal for lipstick lovers. Instantly amp up your lips into a juicier and plumper feel, for this option has all the qualities to tick the MAC Honeylove Dupe checklist. 


  • It leaves a sheer finish on your lips 
  • Feels exceptionally creamy and rich
  • Promises to moisturize your skin nicely 
  • It delivers a high-impact color because of the microfine pigments 
  • It contains vitamin E and avocado oil
  • Available in four unique finishes
  • 82 plus shades to choose from 
  • It costs just a fraction of the MAC


  • The pink shades look orange 

Milani Color Statement Lipstick, Nude Creme

Do you want to make your face look youthful and full of energy all day long, but yoru lipstick won’t allow it? It’s time to ditch that and go straight to the Nude Creme shade from the Milani range of Color Statement Lipsticks. The shade reflects similar properties to the original shade from MAC and makes you feel passionate and confident whenever you wear it.

Users have loved the most about it: the formula is formulated with a graceful mixture of vitamins A and C that sits gently on your lips without weighing them down. It helps yoru lips cope with the harsh effects of the environment and keeps them soft and away from dryness. Paired with Mac’s spice lip liner, it can be your go-to look. This makeup artist-approved formula is quite the hit among beauty enthusiasts for its affordability, which makes you want to get this for yourself. Go on, seal the deal!


  • Delivers a vibrant look to your lips
  • Never been tested on animals 
  • Infused with a nourishing blend of vitamins A, and C
  • It makes your lips pop out instantly 
  • Available in 40 different lipstick shades in a variety of color ranges
  • Suitable for all complexions
  • It offers a full mattified finish 
  • Cost-effective 
  • Deliver a long-lasting wear 
  • Cruelty-free certified by PETA


  • The formula may dry out your lips often. 

Wet n Wild Mega Last Matte Lip Color Nude, Never Nude

A good nude lipstick is a woman’s comfort zone in makeup. There is no drama required, just effortless swipes that hug your pout and make it look delectable, but all that praise, we mean the Wet n Wild Mega Last Matte Lip Color Nude, in the shade Never Nude, is quite the bombshell! This shade lies beautifully between toffee and caramel, so if you are craving some chocolate on a good day, this will fulfill your wishes.

The formula features a powerhouse of exotic ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Natural Marine Plant Extracts, Coenzyme Q10, and Vitamins A & E. All these come together to rejuvenate your worn-out lips from whiting and relieve them from their lackluster. You get full-color coverage and also a break from worries. This is because the lipstick does not contain gluten or fragrance and feels proud to be cruelty-free. So, when are you going shopping?


  • Offers full-color coverage 
  • It contains many exotic ingredients to nourish your pucker
  • It does not have added fragrance
  • Features high pigmentation and a creamy texture 
  • Gluten-free, vegan composition 
  • Never been tested on animals 
  • Prevents color from feathering or bleeding 
  • Easy application with the crayon formula
  • 13 different shades to choose from 
  • Compliments all skin tones beautifully 
  • Easily affordable option 


  • The lipstick does not glide smoothly

Maybelline New York Super Stay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick, Poet, Light Rosey Nude

When one is out in quest of plumpy nude shades, being offered a list of tried and tested products can soothe the soul. But not many people will come to your rescue. Luckily, we are interested in the things you are, and we found out that the light nude rosy shade of the color Poet from Maybelline is just what you need on all days of the week to feel fresh and restored!

The saturated liquid lipstick is loaded with pigments that leave a bold impact and make everything else seem less important. It glides easily on yoru crescents and feels comfortable throughout the day without inviting irritation. The formula is creamy and dries into an attractive mattifying look. Pamper your pucker because there is no smudging involved. Next time you run out of all your beauty essentials and don’t have anything to look glamorous, remember one swipe of this nude will have all eyes on you!


  • Delivers long-lasting high, impact color 
  • Stays on for 16 hours 
  • Does not smudge or cause transfer 
  • It looks freshly applied all day 
  • Supersaturated and highly pigmented 
  • Locks into a matte finish 
  • Unique arrow applicator for smoother applications 
  • It can be removed easily 
  • Range of forty shades to choose from 
  • It suits all complexions beautifully 


  • Feels incredibly sticky on your lips. 

Buxom Full Force Plumping Lipstick, Icon

“I don’t want nude lipstick,” said no woman ever. And no one ever will! That’s because  Icon is here to give yoru lips an iconic look! Plump your lips in this super saturating shade from Buxom, and look confident throughout the day. The formula feels creamy and velvety, as it has been put together with handpicked elements like hyaluronic acid and conditioning oils. 

This fills up every inch of your pucker and offers other benefits like smoothening and hydrating them. The teardrop-shaped tip has been carefully crafted to allow you to add heavy definition to your Cupid’s bow. Yes, it does cost just like MAC, but don’t you feel your lips deserve to feel ultra-luscious and expensive? The satin finish is long-lasting and accentuates every bit of your lips seamlessly. We are picking this baby out for all our ZOOM meetings, are you?


  • Enriched with hyaluronic acid, and conditioning oils
  • Tear-drop shaped tip offers precise application 
  • Delivers a rich payoff of satin color 
  • It gives full coverage and a luscious feel
  • Long-lasting effects
  • It feels smooth and hydrating, with a tantalizing tingle 
  • It makes lips plumper in one neat stroke 
  • 16 creamy and bold shades 
  • The teardrop tip helps make an X in the cupid bow and adds definition 


  • Expensive like Mac Honeylove 

Rimmel London Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick “014”

With over 3k reviews on Amazon, the Rimmel London Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick in the shade “014” is a creamy, soft lip color that claims to flatter all complexions. The formula is similar to MAC Honeylove, as this one delivers a no-shine matte creme finish that envelops your lips sumptuously and amps up your entire makeup within seconds. It promises 8 hours of wear, where it claims to stay in place without bleeding, and feels extra plush and luscious.

This is not too light or too beige but bold enough to allow other features and high points of the face to be highlighted. If you think our beauty bag needs a makeup staple, it is this one without any hint of doubt. The formula also introduces Color Protect technology, ensuring that your lipstick gets 25% more color. It compliments our skin tones and all moods. So, if you are investing your dollars, this lipstick offers you the most economical way out!


  • Long-lasting effects for up to eight hours 
  • Flook flattering on all skin tones 
  • Deliver heavy pigmentation 
  • Feels soft, creamy, and comfortable
  • It makes lips more soothing and more kissable 
  • Infused with a unique Color Protect technology 
  • Available in different shades that suit everyone’s style 
  • It has a very economical price point 
  • Requires one smooth stroke for a rich payoff 
  • It gives 25% more color impact
  • It illuminates your dull pout


  • The color looks different in real.

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick, Nude Nuance

When we are talking nudes, it is impossible for the Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick, in the shade Nude Nuance, not to make a dramatic entrance into the list! Favored by many makeup artists and beauty influencers, this shade is a holy grail in the true senses. No matter what you wear with it, it seamlessly blends in to add more finesse to your entire ensemble. It has the right undertones of coral brown and beige and feels the right thing to wear daily.

The creamy matte finish delivers a bold pigment of color that is lightweight and comfortable simultaneously. Pure precious oils are put into this formula to make your lips hydrated for a long time without flaking or cracking up. It fulfills its job of enhancing the natural tone of your lips and spicing up their appearance. The best part is you don’t have to break the bank to get this, and that’s what we are counting on!


  • Feels ultra-hydrating and sensational 
  • Follows a one-swipe formula to deliver a bold color 
  • Formulated with caring oils and honey nectar
  • Lasts 12 hours 
  • It gives your lips suppleness and comfort 
  • Enriched with shea butter 
  • Features a cream matte finish 
  • Boldly pigmented shades 
  • It has over 53k reviews on Amazon 
  • Available in 30 different shades 

MAC Honeylove dupe


  • Becomes cakey after some time.

FAQs | MAC Honeylove Dupe

What Colour is Honey Love MAC?

The Honeylove shade from MAC is a Light beige tone with undertones of rose, which brings out an altogether eye-pleasing color. 

What is the most popular nude lipstick of MAC?

The MAC Amplified Creme Lipstick in the shade Blankety has managed to grab a lot of eyeballs, with its soft hue being a game changer. The color tone also features a hint of pink, so if you are looking for a rosy nude, this is the perfect one. 

MAC Honeylove dupe

Which shade is best in MAC lipstick?

The MAC Matte Lipstick in Velvet Teddy, MAC Retro Matte Lipstick in Ruby Woo, MAC Matte Lipstick in Diva, and the MAC Satin Lipstick in Rebel are some of the most popular shades of the range, which have got people crazy to buy them. 

Which MAC lipstick lasts the longest?

The brand’s RETRO MATTE LIQUID LIP COLOUR is a big hit whenever there is a discussion of which MAC lipstick lasts the longest. Yes, thirteen shades in this range have been bathed in a splurge of pigment. This allows your lips to feel smooth for 8 satisfying hours without bleeding or feathering. 


From all the wide range of taupes, magentas, pinks, corals, toffees, and caramels you own, a nude strikes the perfect balance between too much and too less. So, what a shame if your makeup vanity does not have one! The ideal nude lipstick must be the perfect travel companion for all your vacations. It needs to have the right amount of everything, be it cool tones, warm tones, smell, color payoff, and most importantly, the price point! 

Balmy beiges, tan browns, matte and satin chocolates are not only a good start, but also suit every complexion if you want to get your way around a good nude. According to news from many beauty editors, this guide of MAC Honeylove Dupe will quench your thirst for having a luxurious nude shade without putting a dent in your purse. Users revealed that it made their lips feel luscious and cared for. We have got our lipstick priorities sorted for this season. Have you?

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