Can You Use UV Light For Regular Nail Polish? (Guide)

Drying nails is no rocket science, yet people struggle with their manicures. Some put in in front of the fan, while some blow raspberries! We are all about a fresh mani that speaks of aqua skies, candy floss hues, or some much-needed bling, but this beauty ritual to has its rules, and you need to play by them!

Can You Use UV Light For Regular Nail Polish?

While getting your nails done right is a way to get you in the mood, choosing the wrong patch to do it might cost you an expensive affair with the doc! We know that once you have entered the nail paint trend of your life, it’s hard to get back. But should you be doing this? Can you use UV light for regular nail polish? Let’s find out.

Can You Use UV Light For Regular Nail Polish?

Putting your hands in front of the ring lights may not be good if you want to preserve your nail health. And when it is just for the sake of Instagram selfies? No, we don’t think so! Because it acts as a silent killer! First, when you burden your regular nail paint with UV light, it takes a lot of time to dry.

A 2014 study in JAMA Dermatology revealed that prolonged exposure to LED or UV lamps to dry your nail paint could increase the horrors of skin cancer, as they both give out harmful radiation. 

Side effects of using UV Lamp at your nail salons

  • They emit harmful ultraviolet rays. 
  • Deeply penetrate your skin, and cause intense damage to skin cells 
  • Increases the drying process in case of regular nail polish 
  • Break down building blocks like collagen and elastin 
  • Speed up the aging process, causing to age prematurely 
  • Lead to the development of cancer cells 

How to Dry Regular Nail Polish Quickly?


If you thought yoru hairdryer would just give your locks a bouncy blowout, you are mistaken! There are many more benefits to signing a hairdryer, and you can use this friendly-devive to dry yoru regular nail polish faster. This eliminates any harm to yoru skin or nails and gets the job done. Plug in yoru hair dryer, and set it on a “cool air” mode. Do this before you start to paint your nails.

When you are done, blow the fryer with a consistent stream of cool air to quickly dry your manicure. This will be more effective when you have out yoru polish on one hand and use another hand to hold the dryer. After doing so, report the whole process on the other hand, and enjoy a pleasing visual! Make sure you keep it in a relaxed air setting, as reports suggest that the blow dryer burns people’s skin when they use it too hot. 

Cold water 

You must have seen this trend going viral on TikTok. Before you sit to amplify your nails, take a bowl and fill it with chilled cold water. If it is handy, just drop a few ice cubes into the regular water bowl. Sit down to paint your nails, and wait for two minutes to let the formula air dry.

After the polish has set nicely, it will prevent the color from ripping out of yoru nails. Immerse yoru nails and wait for about five minutes. You will see now that the water droplets form into beads on the crust of your pin. This suggests that the polish has completely dried. 

Get yourself a Nail Fan 

Invest in a good Nail Polish Drying Spray

These particular chemicals boost the speed of the liquid’s evaporation rate in your nail polish. This will save a lot of minutes of your time so that you don’t miss out on yoru important events. 

Thin coats are the key.

Do you know the most non-sweaty way to dry your regular anil paint faster? It is using thin coats! This not only gives yoru paint time to dry between each application but also gives yoru manicure a glossy finish. Two or three thick coats take too much time to dry. Let’s not forget how extra careful they make us feel, where you can’t move your hands-free as you please. 

Baby oil

We know you are a baby by heart, so you must have some baby oil in yoru beauty cabinet too! Baby oil, olive oil, and cooking spray are a sweet hack to dry your nail paint faster. Palace the oil in a dropper so you can control how much you put. After polishing your nails, apply a drop or two on each nail, and wait for two minutes. The oil sitting on the crown of your staple absorbs and sucks the paint dry by thinning it. When you notice the oil beading on yoru nail, take a tissue and gently wipe it off. 

Quick dry top coat 

Transparent nail paints are necessary when indulging in manicures because they amp up your look, giving you a sleek, glossy finish. This luxurious formula of transparent nail paint has been designed to minimize the drying time so that your nails look perfect faster. These are usually cheaper than regular nail polishes and help prevent shipping by drying your babies in less than a minute! 

FAQs | UV Light For Regular Nail Polish

Can you dry regular nail polish with a led light?

When applying regular nail paint, an UV or LED lamp won’t help speed up drying. This will happen naturally when the liquid part of your nail polish evaporates because of volatile solvents upon coming in contact with air. 

What is the best way to dry regular nail polish?

You can opt for the cold water hack, or apply a coat of quick dry top nail paint, to help dry your nails faster. 

Can you put regular nail polish over a gel base coat?

Yes, users will be happy to know that they can quickly put a layer of their favorite regular nail polish when their nails have already been painted with gel nail paint. Celebs and social media influencers frequently opt for this look to revamp the appearance of their nails. This efficiently hides the broken, blunt, or chipped nails. Or you can opt for a nail strip to avoid all the chaos. 

Can you put a gel top coat over regular nail polish?

While it is possible the other way around, putting a gel top coat over regular nail polish might not be an excellent idea. This is because the regular nail paint we use takes a lot of time to dry. So, applying a gel coat will lock the moisture in the air under the top skin. This might not give your nails the seamless finish you are looking for. 


As we know the answer to the ‘Can You Use UV Light For Regular Nail Polish’ question, we can say that using too much UV light to dry your nails quickly can only affect your nails and overall health. Thus, you ought to try different techniques for the same job, such as nail strips

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