Brow Trio Reviews | Here’s What You Can Expect (Unbiased)

The amount of power brows holds as they ensure that our faces look clean and glowing all the time. And that makes perfect sense; however, getting our brows done ever so often doesn’t. It seems like a task because fitting a salon appointment into a hectic schedule isn’t ordinarily possible. But we can change that. We understand that it doesn’t sound like it exists, but the beauty and skincare industry pays keen attention to what their users are up to and what they demand. 

Brow Trio Reviews

Introducing the very popular Brow Trio. This innovative product claims to help you achieve beautiful, natural-looking brows that sharply frame your face and enhance your features. Let’s understand what this product does, precisely with some Brow Trio reviews. 

Brow Trio Reviews | Raising Those Eyebrows

The Brow Trio is a three-in-one brow kit with tinted wax, brow powder, and a shiny highlighter. The tinted wax claims to provide long-lasting hold, while the powder helps fill the sparse areas, cover the space, and create a fuller, more defined look. 

The highlighter adds the perfect luminous finishing touch, creating a gleaming glow that highlights the arch bone of your brow and adds dimension to your overall look. This product is ideal for anyone wanting to achieve that professional-looking arched brow at home. Whether you have naturally full and bold brows that need a little grooming or sparse brows that require more attention and more pigment, the Brow Trio has everything you need to create the perfect look. 

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However, we at Blushastic believe in knowing a product thoroughly before applying it to your face. So let’s go through the ingredients, the benefits and drawbacks, and understand the frequently asked questions by the users to know how effective it’ll be for you.

Key Elements

The brow trio is a three-in-one as product that typically includes three essential components: a brow powder, aka pomade, a brow wax, aka gel, and a brow brush or a spoolie. Here are the critical elements for each of these components:

Brow Powder or Pomade

The brow powder or pomade is the main product used to fill in sparse or uneven areas in your eyebrows, creating a more defined and polished arch look. It comes in shades to match vibrant hair colors and skin tones. Brow powders are typically applied using an angled brush. When we talk about pomades, as they are called, they are applied with a small, angled brush or an angled brow brush.

Brow Wax or Gel

The brow wax or gel is specifically used to hold the brow hairs in place and provide a sleek, defined look with a more polished finish. It can also be used to tame unruly or even curly brows and keep them in place throughout the day. Brow waxes, when you buy them,  typically come in a clear or tinted formula depending on that specific brand, while gels can be clear or colored to match the brow powder or pomade alongside your original brow color. Brow wax or gel is applied with a spoolie or brow brush, brushing them through the hair.

brow trio kit

Brow Brush or Spoolie

The brow brush or spoolie is one of the most crucially essential tools for shaping and defining eyebrows. The angled brow brush is used to apply the brow powder or pomade. On the contrary, however, the spoolie blends the product and shapes the brows. The spoolie can also comb through the brows and remove any excess product or residual buildup.

Directions To Use

Here are some general directions to follow while using a brow trio:

Start with cleansed brows

Ensure your brows are in shape with a brow trimmer, and cleansed, exfoliated, and free of any makeup residue, dirt, or oils. You can use a simple makeup remover or a gentle cleanser to clean your brows and cleanse in small circles.

Choose your perfect shade

Select the shade that matches your hair color and skin tone. This step is crucial since you need the brows to look natural and fit your usual hair color. 

Apply your brow powder or pomade

Using the provided angled brush, generously apply the brow powder or pomade to your brows, starting from the inner corner and working your way outwards to the end. Use short, feathery, and gentle strokes to mimic the look of your natural brow hairs. Start with light pressure and gradually build the pigment until you achieve the desired intensity.

Apply brow wax or gel

Using the given spoolie or brow brush, apply the brow wax or gel to your brows in generous quantities. Like the previous step, start at the inner corner and work your way outwards, brushing the hairs upward and outward, mimicking the natural direction of growth. This will help place the brow powder or pomade and create a more defined and arched look.

brow trio

Blend and shape

Using the spoolie, blend the brow powder or pomade with the brow wax or gel to create a natural-looking finish, maintaining the natural look. Use the spoolie to brush those hairs into place and shape the brows while ensuring the shape.

Clean up the edges

If you make any mistakes, get the product on your skin, or work out of the lines, use a clean spoolie or a cotton swab to remove the excess product.

Finish with concealer

If desired, apply a small amount of concealer or highlighter underneath the arch of your brow to further define and lift the brows. You can always go back in with a highlighter to provide a shiny finish to your entire brow look.

Following these simple steps, you can create a natural-looking brow that complements your facial features and enhances your overall makeup look.

Benefits and Drawbacks

Brow trio products have become progressively popular due to their versatility and convenience. Here are some of their key advantages and disadvantages: 


All-in-one solution

One of the most significant advantages of a brow trio is that it includes all the essential components for creating a polished, defined brow look in one convenient little package. You have everything you need to achieve beautiful brows in one product with a perfect brow powder or pomade, highly needed wax or gel, and brush or spoolie.


Another advantage of using brow trio is its versatility. With various shades and formulas available, you can easily customize your brow look to suit your hair color and skin tone. Additionally, you can always use the different components of the brow trio individually or together, depending on your preferences and requirements.

brow trio how to use


Most brow trios are designed to be long-lasting, meaning they can stay in place for several hours or even all day. This can be truly beneficial if you’re going to be out for a long time and don’t want to worry about touch-ups.


Any well-applied and blended brow trio can create a natural-looking brow that accentuates your facial features without looking overdone or artificial. Using the short, feathery strokes and blending the product well, you can quickly achieve a subtle, polished brow look that completes your overall makeup look.


Learning curve

While brow trios can be easy, they can also take enough time and practice to get the hang of them. If you’re relatively new to using a brow trio, it can take some trial and error to figure out the best way to apply the product while achieving the desired look, unlike the standard brow gel technique.

Product wastage

Because a brow trio includes multiple components, you can waste some of the product if you don’t use it all up. Sometimes you may exhaust the powder before the wax, which would be inconvenient.

Limited color selection

While various shades are available for brow trio, the color selection may be more limited than other brow products, such as pencils or pens. 


Finally, any brow trio can be more expensive than other brow products. While it is a set of multiple components, the cost can increase if you use the product frequently and need to keep purchasing it often. 

User Reviews | Before and After Brow Trio Reviews

The users give you a perfect idea of how the product works and its effect on the skin. It’s highly recommended to go through the user reviews, even after reading the product claims by the company, since the users give you an average understanding of the product’s benefits and drawbacks. The user reviews for Brow Trio were varying; around 83% of users were tempted to reuse the product since it delivered what it claimed, and around 16% of users were dissatisfied with the service.

Delighted by the service and pleased with the product, ‘Charlie65’ added, “I love this brow trio! The powder is so easy to apply and blends flawlessly with my brows. The wax strength and finish are fantastic for holding my hair in place all day, and the brush is decently high quality and easy to use. I love how natural and defined my brows look when I use this product, in love. Highly recommend it!”

brow trio before and after

However, some were unsure whether they would use it over a long period since they found some issues with the current elements or barely noticed any change. The user says, “I think this brow trio is quite good. The powder applies smoothly, and the wax does a fair job of holding my brows in place. However, I have certain issues, the product can sometimes smudge or fade throughout the day, so I have to touch it up every few hours. Overall, it’s a decently workable product, but not my favorite.”

On another similar note, a user added a three-star review alongside “I have slightly mixed feelings about this brow trio. The powder is fairly okay and blends well, but the wax is too sticky and can make my brows crunchy and stuck. Additionally, the brush is highly flimsy and hard to control. It’s an okayish product, but I don’t think I would purchase it again.”

Not all users were okay with the product quality, though. Some had terrible experiences working with this product. Let’s look at what a one-star review user said to back this claim. ‘Abbie’ said, “I was truly disappointed with this brow trio. The powder was too powdery, not pigmented, and didn’t apply smoothly, while the wax was too greasy and didn’t hold my brows in place while adding a weird crunch. Additionally, the brush was of terrible quality and kept losing bristles. Overall, I wouldn’t recommend this product to anyone.” 

However, we believe that every product works differently for every user. So, you must be thorough with the idea of a product failing as much as you pile hopes on it working for you. To give you a slight edge on the positive side, we hope this review helps.

Frequently Asked Questions | Brow Trio Reviews

What is a brow trio, and what is it different from other brow products?

A brow trio is a makeup product that includes all three essential components: a brow powder or pomade, a brow wax or gel, and a brow brush or spoolie. It differs slightly from other brow products, such as pencils or pens, because it includes multiple elements that work harmoniously to create a more defined and polished brow look.

How do I choose the perfect shade for my brows?

It’s crucially important to choose a shade that matches your hair color and skin tone perfectly. Generally, if you have blonde hair, you should opt for a slightly light brown or taupe shade, while those with darker hair can choose a shade that aptly matches their hair color. If you’re unsure of the shade, it’s best to test the product on your skin or consult a makeup artist or beauty expert.

How are you supposed to apply brow trio?

To begin applying brow trio, clean your brows thoroughly and select the shade that matches your brow hair color and skin tone. Use an angled brush provided with the product to apply the brow powder or pomade, then use the spoolie or brow brush to apply the wax or gel and blend the product. Use the spoolie to shape your brows and remove any excess product or buildup.

Can I use a brow trio if I have sparse and different brows?

Yes, Brow Trio is a perfect product if you have sparse brows. The powder or the pomade can fill in any gaps or spaces, while the wax or gel can help hold the hairs in place and create a fuller, more defined look, and dense brow look.

How long does a brow trio last?

The longevity of Brow Trio can differ depending on factors such as the user’s skin type and activity level. However, most brow trios can last up to several hours or even all day with minimal touch-ups at regular intervals required. It’s important to avoid touching or rubbing your brows too much to ensure the product stays in place for longer.

Final Verdict

Whenever we talk of makeup or beauty products, we need to understand that they constitute a specific want, but they don’t necessarily mean you need to use them. Even with thinner or sparse brows, your beauty is never undermined. However, if that hampers your confidence, you always have products to save the day. Based on our research and Brow Trio reviews, the Brow trio can be counted as one.

In conclusion, a brow trio can be an incredible option for those looking to achieve a natural-looking, defined brow in one convenient product to save the hassle. With its all-in-one solution and through-and-through versatility, a brow trio can tremendously simplify your makeup routine and provide long-lasting results. However, it’s crucial to remember the learning curve, product wastage, limited and restricted color selection, and potential higher price points while deciding if a brow trio is a suitable product for you. 

Ultimately, all the product selections come down to personal preferences and needs, and finding the right brow product can take some time, faith, patience, and lots of trial and error. At the end of the day, we hope this review article has helped you understand whether this product is made for you or not.

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